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fettucine.jpg I went to Jimmy Daddona’s for din­ner some­what dri­ven by this re­view in the Free Times. It wasn’t very good at all. Now, I’ve gained a lit­tle knowl­edge at the ways of food­ie-ness just by hav­ing prox­im­i­ty to Five Dollar Beer, so I am us­ing some of his cri­te­ria in this re­view [or, what I think he cri­te­ria are].

We were seat­ed prompt­ly, the food came quite quick­ly the wait staff was fine. The on­ly pos­si­ble com­plaint I can think of is that, per­haps the food came too quick­ly, not giv­ing enough time be­tween cours­es for much con­ver­sa­tion.

The iced tea, like every restau­rant I’ve ever been to, wasn’t strong enough. This I think, is main­ly do to my up­bring­ing where iced tea bet­ter be damn well hard to see through. The sal­ad was ob­vi­ous­ly out of a bag and was just let­tuce, red onion and those car­rot shav­ing things. The house dress­ing, an Italian Vinaigrette, was al­so rather bland. I don’t like bland sal­ads. We got free gar­lic bread that was tasty enough, but tasty like gar­lic bread is tasty any­where. The on­ly re­al dif­fer­ence I could dis­cern was that it was ap­prox­i­mate­ly twice as greasy as gar­lic bread any­where.

For my main course I or­dered Veal Aglio E Olio which con­sist­ed of veal [they brought the an­i­mal out in a cage the size of an over­large rab­bit hutch, ap­par­ent­ly this is a ge­net­i­cal­ly bred veal calf, rel­a­tive­ly un­rec­og­niz­able as a bovine at all; it had no legs, no tail, not much of a head and looked most­ly like a side of beef with a mouth at one end and an ass at the oth­er. it looked at me out of its moist ves­ti­gial eyes and I could im­me­di­ate­ly tell it want­ed me to eat it. but, i kid.] ar­ti­choke hearts, red pep­per, mush­rooms and spinach mixed in with fet­tucine. The por­tion was enor­mous. Think three pounds of food, at least. And it was pos­i­tive­ly swim­ming in olive oil and spices. It was way over­spiced. I could bare­ly taste the ar­ti­choke hearts and that is a se­ri­ous prob­lem. I ate un­til I wasn’t hun­gry any more, not un­til I was stuffed, but I think Jimmy Daddona’s is the type of place where you are sup­posed to look like Mr. Creosote from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life af­ter­ward.

It tore up my stom­ach. Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle. I couldn’t get to sleep for all the ef­fort that my di­ges­tive sys­tem was go­ing through pro­cess­ing all that oil and gar­lic. When I woke up this morn­ing, my stom­ach still hurt. In fact, it is still gur­gling now, twelve hours af­ter the meal. Restaurant food is not sup­posed to at­tempt a coup d’état from the in­side out. So, I didn’t like it. And now I’ve got 2.5 pounds of Veal Algio E Olio left over.

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  1. Excellent re­view! 🙂 Yea, I find over-oili­ness (is that a word?) to be bane of many ital­ian restau­rants. It’s a cen­tral Italian thing. (Northern re­lies on cream based dish­es, Southern on Tomato

  2. I wish I could rec­om­mend you a good ital­ian place around here to try in­stead. Unfortunately, I don’t know any. (Though if you’re look­ing for a good piz­za, Danny Boy’s is the way to go and is just around the cor­ner from you). It’s too bad, your meal sounds like it could have been amaz­ing­ly good.

  3. Trattoria’s in Little Italy is fan­tas­tic when it comes to ital­ian food. They have AMAZINGLY good br­uschet­ta dip for your bread. And they have one of THE best egg­plant parmi­giana dish­es around – it’s a steam­ing hot mound of cheesy, egg­plan­ty good­ness. You should check it out some­time. It’s not TOO ridicu­lous­ly ex­pen­sive, though din­ners don’t come with sal­ads.

  4. DOH! I feel like a com­plete id­iot now. I for­got about Little Italy.
    Yea, there’s lots of good places around there.

  5. This is a hor­ri­ble re­view! You ob­vi­ous­ly have no re­al skill in eval­u­at­ing restau­rants! Stop try­ing!

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