Pre-Sex Dreams

man-pillow.jpgAfter puberty but before I had seen a naked girl naked in the flesh after puberty and also whilst still a virgin, my mind nonetheless attempted to dream about sex. This failed miserably.

I didn’t really remember what a naked girl looked like, or for that matter what a naked woman looked like. This is mostly because I had no access to the means with which I might find out, pornography; and it had been years since I had played ‘Show Me.’ And it is very stupid that opposite sex bodies are so taboo that a 13 or 14 year old boy who has learned all about fallopian tubes and the menstrual cycle in health class can still not know what a vagina or breasts look like.

So dreaming about sex with something that has no visual reference apart from cross-sextional diagrams in a slightly gummy health book is not a recipe for sucsex. So my pre-sex sex dreams were mainly a series of sucsexive attempts at trying to find out what a naked girl looked like. As strong as my imagination is it was not up to this task. So, failure. I don’t really have a point. I’ll stop writing.

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3 thoughts on “Pre-Sex Dreams

  1. I think your point was to again try to prove that you did not, in fact, have sex dreams about a certain person. And, yes, you failed miserably.

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