Spiderman 2

spider-man-2-poster.jpgFinally saw Spiderman 2, not that I really wanted to see it, but I wasn’t averse to it either. I didn’t appreciate it so much for its story as for the auteurical flourishes that Sam Raimi brought for me. There might be a spoiler or two to follow.

First, I went to the movie knowing full well that Sam Raimi was the director and that he has directed some of my favorite camp of all time. Yet I failed to realize just how well he has been able to make a high concept H-​film and still get in his punches. I have realized this now, mostly because of Bruce Campbell’s ham cameo as an asshat usher. Then there was the shot of the newly revved up chainsaw popping on to screen and many many shots of the ‘hysterical girl screams and runs toward the camera’ variety.

This isn’t campy in a comic book flick. I found it to be the most enjoyable part of the film. Dr. Octopus had the ubiquitous ‘overly complicated technical machinery experiment/​plot device used to create a dangerous situation that Our Hero [in this case, Spiderman] can save the day from’ and his AI biomechanical cyborg 4 arms are, of course, bent on evil when the tiny unprotected inhibitor chip on the back of his neck get fried. I thought that was kind of dumb.

I also thought that Peter Parker losing his powers because of his indecision as to what should be done with his life was nonsensical. But apart from that, I found myself identifying with him to an unusually high extent. I don’t usually identify heavily with any character, especially in an H-​film, but I found myself saying ‘damn I feel that way my own damn self.’

It is an entertaining flick, surprising in the small points, with a few laugh out loud moments but altogether nothing fancy. It is worth a watch, but there really isn’t a reason to go see it right away unless you want to be able to listen to people talk about it.

3 thoughts on “Spiderman 2

  1. i’m not too informed on comics or Spiderman but i was under the impression that, in the comic, MJ knew who Spiderman was. if that is the case i agree with it because it is staying true to the comic, otherwise though, i’ll agree with you.

  2. I missed the whole Bruce Cambell thing, but loved the chainsaw and other elements that you mentioned. I too saw the movie this weekend. It was worth the money, but I think Shrek 2 is just as good if not better. Still, this is probably a movie I’ll end up having a DVD of at some point in time.

  3. Went to Spiderman2 last night.Disappointed — didn’t think Spidy should have ever showed his face to the folks on the train — or to the girl he loved.
    And way to many face shots of parker thinking…

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