williamses.jpgA friend of mine and her two sisters came to visit me for the weekend. They are roadtripping across the country, stopping when their money runs out, and then making cash by selling their art work. At least, that is the plan.

Abby, my friend, and Leeanne, her younger sister both graduated from RISD this past May. Their older sister, Jenelle, teaches art to middle and high schoolers in Massachusetts. Their mom is a painter and art comes naturally to them all. Pretty amazing.

Anyway, they got here Friday night and I treated them to Pacific East sushi, then we went back to my tiny apartment [somehow four people managed to sleep in it] and watched Amelie. The next day we went thrift shopping, since the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was a bit too expensive. We then came back and relaxed a bit, I made them Italian Herbed chicken [which ended up a bit tough and dry, first time that has ever happened to me, but still tasty] and then we got drunk while playing setback. Then we walked to the bowling alley a few blocks away and bowled, then we came back and went to sleep.

The next day, Sunday, they took off for Warren Dunes state park in Michigan where they were going to have a relaxing day at the dunes before hitting Chicago. I sent them off with a mix CD and some chocolate chip cookies.

Despite not doing anything incredibly exciting, they seemed to enjoy themselves. I enjoyed it too. When they left I was a bit sad because I couldn’t go with them. It also got me thinking that since I don’t have any brothers or sisters, I can’t ever have a bonding experience like they are having this summer. I hope they have a great time.