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Personal Ad

If you aren’t in the mood to listen to me pule like the waste of space I am then you probably want to stop reading right now. LiveJournal lies ahead.


I finished reading Ivanhoe the other day. It was good, surprisingly so. I ended up liking the main villain more than any other character.

Punching the Clock

To round off the week on the corporate theme, here are some emails we have received for logging our hours. The rules are more intricate than Sharia law. But Don’t Call It A Time Clock.

Corporate Feudalism

I must’ve picked up the phrase ‘corporate feudalism’ somewhere, and as I continue working as a serf this situation is constantly reinforced. Tuesday we were required to attend a meeting that would apparently explain how we are compensated for our work. Not only was it terribly thought out and presented, the obvious illusion-work and statistical […]

Etymological Roots

I’ve been looking for lists of prefixes, suffixes and word roots, and while I’m not finding exactly what I want, I am finding somewhat interesting tangentiums.

Crossroads: A Parafable

It happened that three men died at the same time. Since this occurred in such a synchronized manner, they decided to travel together to the realm of the dead.

News Flash

I wonder far too much for my own good, so much in fact, that I wonder about my wondering.

Logan’s Run

I snagged Logan’s Run from the library because I’ve not seen it in almost a decade. I can appreciate it [only slightly] more now that I’m older.

Cockroach Epictetus

A cockroach can lose its head, have its carapace crushed and be subjected to intense radiation and not admit defeat. I am unconquerable, invincible. In any contest the loser is the one who thinks he has lost. Losing is only a mentality, it does not exist unless it is believed in, like the closet monster. […]

The Bourne Supremacy and a Dream

The Bourne Supremacy is not a movie you want to watch from the front row of an ill-designed movie theater. I don’t, in fact, know if it is a good movie or not, so I’ll just talk about the experience.


As I near my 24th birthday I find myself becoming more and more set in my ways. It is a subtle process, easing into my old man pants.