A Tom Waits Dream

tomwaits.jpg I had a dream about Tom Waits except he wasn’t really Tom Waits as these things go.

It was this real small venue in an upper room of some bohemian coffee house There were maybe eighteen people in this room. It has two round tables a couch and a sort of ledge running around three walls and people sort of sat on it. Tom Waits was this slightly pudgy guy who seemed pretty self-conscious about his music and he was singing a song called ‘Zombie’ that everyone joined in singing with except me. Since I was sitting right next to him, after the song concluded he asked me something to which my reply was ‘Yeah, I’m not that familiar with your stuff, but I know I like your stuff more before you got all [and here I did the gravelly Tom Waits impersonation].’ He got a sort of sad look on his face and then things shifted as they tend to do in dreams and my chair was suddenly much more comfortable and the fat guy who was Tom Waits but didn’t look like Tom Waits was sitting on the ledge playing some song that everyone was singing to. Then he was just strumming on a guitar and I started to go to sleep in my dream. I don’t often remember going to sleep in my dreams and I wonder if many of my dreams end by me falling asleep. In this case I didn’t actually fall asleep, because my dream woke me back up because some girl on the couch actually was asleep. Tom Waits was going to play a trick on her so he got up real quietly to go scare her but she woke up. Throughout the dream I kept getting this feeling that Tom Waits needed a hug. I woke up and it was 4:06 so I went back to sleep.

3 thoughts on “A Tom Waits Dream

  1. See, you wasted a PERFECTLY good Tom Waits dream! Had you any sense, you woulda jumped at the opportunity to makeout with him. (Or maybe that’s just me. *SIGH*)

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