Etymological Roots

indoeuro.jpgI’ve been looking for lists of prefixes, suffixes and word roots, and while I’m not finding exactly what I want, I am finding somewhat interesting tangentiums.

Take Our Word For It An ezine for logophiles.

This is a groovy little chart of the development of languages from Indo-European.

A worksheet to help build vocabulary.

List of roots and stems.

A children’s learning game that is probably the most helpful thing I have found.

A downloadable program that give historical information about words and stems and such.

Strangely, the children focused sites are giving me more of what I am looking for than any of the others. I wish I still had the list from my botany class in high school. That thing was awesome.

2 thoughts on “Etymological Roots

  1. My father had a book with a language chart like that in it. He pointed out to me that all European languages descend from Indo-European except Hungarian, Finnish, and Est (I think).

  2. Yeah… I borrowed a plant’s name roots book from my bio teacher in highschool that was sweet too… you think there’d be something more general though?

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