Music Day

music-sym-orig.jpg Here are some random music thoughts.

• The guitar solo in Since I’ve Been Loving You from Led Zeppelin‘s How the West was Won is the best guitar solo I’ve ever heard.

• WOXY is back online and my life has some joy in it once again.

• This is great. [DJ Nu-Mark and Chali 2na]

• Finger picking is friggin’ hard. I wish I felt as if I knew enough to start playing the songs I love.

• Subliminal Self have released a promo disk, Chapter & Verse, which I would [waxing poetic and beating a metaphor] characterize as: with a meteor shower of crystalline vocals over a galaxy of dynamic synth progamming. [Warning: Could go nova at any time.] I’ve got it shared on SoulSeek so if you want to give it a listen, that is where you can find it.

• I’m supposed to work on the website another friend’s band: Earth to Julie. I’ve just got to get the time to see one of their practices.

• One of my favorite bands forever.