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pulp_leg.jpgI won­der far too much for my own good, so much in fact, that I won­der about my won­der­ing.

For in­stance, when I come to these grand pro­nounce­ments of mun­dan­i­ty that I am rather prone to reach­ing af­ter won­der­ing about things, I won­der if many peo­ple have al­ready reached such con­clu­sions and that what I find as be­ing fresh, grand and ground­break­ing is noth­ing more than an­oth­er step on a mat­u­ra­tion process that bil­lions of oth­er folks have al­ready gone through.

The spe­cif­ic epiphany that I have reached this time I came to dur­ing the com­mu­nion pro­ces­sion at Mass on Sunday. Ever since they de­cid­ed to change the rule from kneel­ing to stand­ing I spend the com­mu­nion pro­ces­sion day­dream­ing in­stead of pray­ing. But that’s not im­por­tant right now.

There is a lot of talk about how ad­ver­tis­ing and fash­ion mod­els and all that in­flu­ence lit­tle girls and turn them in­to anorex­ic cos­mo-zom­bies, but I re­al­ized that some­thing sim­i­lar hap­pens to guys too. Girls ex­pect them­selves to look like per­fec­tion and guys, I think as a re­sult of the same sources, ex­pect them to look per­fect too. This is bad not on­ly be­cause it is un­ob­tain­able and adds un­nec­es­sary self-con­scious­ness and oth­er bag­gage, but al­so be­cause it doesn’t pay any at­ten­tion to what is pret­ty about girls.

This sort of feeds in to some­thing I’ll get to lat­er in the week, but for now I’ll just say that I have re­al­ized that I of­ten will look at a girl and not think she is that pret­ty just be­cause she doesn’t meet the su­per­mod­el stan­dard when, in truth, she is pret­ty as all get out. I don’t think it is that I’ve been too picky, in­stead I think I’ve been op­er­at­ing un­der the as­sump­tion that the. Actually I don’t re­al­ly know what point I’m try­ing to make. I guess I just re­al­ize that girls don’t have to look look su­per­mod­els to be pret­ty. Certainly not a news flash, but when­ev­er I fi­nal­ly un­der­stand the ob­vi­ous I think it is pret­ty cool.

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