faceoff.jpg This might be altogether too vague to make any sense.

Relativity seems to be all the rage at the moment. Everything is all about ‘reading things in context’ and ‘understanding the victim.’ And while zero-tolerance and rigidity are often very bad things, too much relativity is just as boring. I’m tired of hedging, hearing about factors and reasons that mitigate a strong stand on anything. I’m not talking specifically about politics, so don’t think that I am. I’m talking about discourse in general. Few people seem willing to stick to their guns on a position, and if they do find a position to stick to, all too often it is a position filled with mitigation. ‘I believe in this, only as long as this and this occur and I might change my view if this happens.’

I’m as guilty of this as the next person, but thankfully I realize that finding excuses by comparing a situation to possible other situations or comparing it to the intent of folks does not qualify as a mitigating factor. I’m wondering if sympathy and empathy have been confused with justice. Or maybe that is far too grand an idea. Maybe I should wonder if this type of relativity results in an inability to come to a distinct and firm conclusion because too much time is spent in an endless comparison loop.

Maybe its a desire to not take responsibility for the consequences of a decision. I hope I never fail to do this. I guess what I want to aim for is an ability to recognize and weigh things based on relative comparisons, to understand the motives and feelings and consequences of whatever is involved, the consequences of any decision I can make and the wisdom and integrity to choose what I feel as the best decision, have concise, definite explanations for my reasoning and the determination to stick to my decision once it has been made.

4 thoughts on “Relativity

  1. yeah, its hard to talk about without somehow falling into a completely rigid trap or a completely vacuous one. i think we’ve forgotten how to believe in things and how to compromise instead of surrendering or abstaining.

  2. So the fact that I like to argue a point to death mean that I stick to my guns? Or does that mean that I hate to lose? I still manage to stick to some pretty strong beliefs, but I do have to admit that sometimes, I will allow for circumstances….wait did I just do that in my statement…..damn…now I’m confused….and making a runon nonsense sentence….

  3. you wanted to avoid politics specifically, but to me it seems like the opposite of what you are saying is true. i think people are sticking to their guns on a position so much so that they are not willing to listen to the counter-argument at all. public debates on a wide range of issues are mere shouting matches, with each participant’s mind already made up, and with no chance of having any kind of *exchange*.

    i do see your argument about how one can have too much relativity. i’m guilty of this myself, i suppose, and in that way i can relate. but i’m not convinced that this is true for most people….?

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