The Bourne Supremacy and a Dream

thebournesupremacy1.jpg The Bourne Supremacy is not a movie you want to watch from the front row of an ill-designed movie theater. I don’t, in fact, know if it is a good movie or not, so I’ll just talk about the experience.

Tuesday nights are $4 movie nights at various theaters. Sometimes it isn’t very crowded but this time it was a bit ridiculous. The line was longer than [insert vulgar body reference] so when we got into the theater, the only spot with three empty seats together was in the front row. The front row is about 2 feet from the screen.

The Bourne Supremacy, as far as I can tell, was entirely composed of rapidly cut, surveillance/home movie-ish hand-held, shallow to out of focus close-ups. This does not make for an easy stomach when you have to let your eyes got into macro mode just to see the entire screen. It was quite hard to follow the film in these circumstances. At one point I got up and walked around in the lobby to regain my sense of balance and when I reentered the theater [at the conclusion of a 5 minute chase scene] It was amazing to look at the screen and actually not see each of Matt Damon’s pores.

I had another hero dream last night. I was an angel, but not a stereotypical angel. Even though I had powers, I was up against another angel and so they were useless. So for all intents and purposes I was just a person. I was maybe 5 years younger than I am currently, and my dream mother and father were members of the Serra Group – like special ops thing for angels [Bourne Identity influence I think] and they had a bunch of the fellow operatives at our home [a dreaminvented one] and another group at my home in Connersville. Someone was killed at the dreaminvented home during the night and the next day no one heard from the other place. I knew who was doing the killing, a coworker named Dave. But the older operatives wouldn’t believe that a fellow Serra Group operative would do such a thing. And since I was trying to join the group it was dismissed as a ploy for attention. I took matters into my own hands, stole a car [the pre-modified Army of Darkness mobile] and went through a more decayed and dangerous version of Connersville on the way to Gregg Rd. Then the cops started chasing me, I eluded them and pulled into this place that was a blend of the top of 5th Street Hill and 8th Street Hill. I needed something, I don’t remember what anymore and this real old hick woman with a mad/hungry look in her eye [I think she wanted to eat me] came out and started saying vaguely threatening things. I hopped back in the car and tried to get it started but it wouldn’t start and then the son of the woman came out and tossed a broken lightbulb wrapped in black paper into my car. Then my car started and the lightbulb bomb made my car burst into flames. I knew these people wanted to eat me because I was an angel so I drove the flaming car away. I went real real real fast, so fast that it put out the flames and then I stopped to take a look at the damage. I got out my wallet and looked at a provisional Serra Group memebership card and then crawled under the car to see the gas tank leaking like a sieve. I knew if I started the car again, the spark would make it explode, and since I was already close to the other place I hoofed it the rest of the way. I snuck into the house and past Dave, where I could see the poisoned bodies of the other operatives at the place. Dave was going to resurrect them into evil angels. I was hiding under the counter/bar when he walked around the corner and said ‘Hi Adam. Are you comfortable?’ Then I woke up because I had to have a piss.

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