Where Have I Been?

mryuck.jpg A week has gone by with no updates for one very good reason and several other circumstances that feed into it.

Over last weekend my hosting company migrated all of my stuff on to a new [nicer and hopefully more secure] server. Everything appears to have made it over except for the key directory the holds all of the scripts for MovableType. Ergo, I couldn’t login, y’all couldn’t comment, etc. Needless to say, that didn’t get fixed until last evening. Here is a vague recap of my week then.

Last Saturday evening my friend Brian Johnsen came back to his hometown of Cleveland to visit his ‘rents. He is getting married in a little over a month in Indianapolis. I was invited, with Liam and Anne [who might have just had her baby, I should call], to his mother’s place for dinner and miniature golf afterward. I’m pretty sure I won the miniature golf. Sunday I went to church and did laundry and had eggs and a quesadilla for dinner.

Monday I woke up and my stomach hurt a little. I made it to work but left after an hour. When I got home I puked and shat my way to a dehydrated state of delerium as my stomach tried to consume itself. Food poisoning blows. Sometime that night I received a phone call from Liam inviting me to the Sonic Youth concert the next day. It turned out later that the concert was actually going on when he called me, but oh well.

I made it in to work on Tuesday a couple of hours later than usual. Work has been a fucking goddamn cockslap fart-horking pit of something this week. Mostly because an unnamed ex-team member did not care to provide me with adequate documentation or training for mainframe statute extraction scripting and now both feels put-upon when I ask about the illegible and nonsensical scrawls on the backs of scrap paper that qualifies as documentation and gloats over the fact that I’m fucked, she fucked me over, couldn’t give a fuck about it and can’t be fucking touched. Deep breath.

Yesterday I was finally able to consume a full meal. At lunch I ate at the Winking Lizard and had a burger, steak fries and a root beer float.

A couple of links:

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[all links shamelessly plundered from MeFi and other places]

10 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Wow! Everytime I am sick like that,my diet consists of 7up,saltines and chicken noodle soup from Noodles and Co.Anyway I hope you are feeling better!

  2. Whoa… I need to check into your site more often… hey my parents think you’re moving to Chicago when your lease gets up, I thought you were moving to Coventry? BTW, you have my new email right? hadesarrow@yahoo.com I have a new phone number too, but I don’t actually remember what it is…

  3. Are you sure it was food poisoning after TGI Fridays? Because everytime I go there I feel pukey afterward too. I believe the main ingredient in all their food is grease.

  4. OK, just checking. And Fridays has no redeeming qualities. Well. Except for the milkshakes. And they don’t count because they’re too expensive.

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