First Show

control_synthesizer_high_jpg.jpgI played live for the first time as a mem­ber of Sub­lim­i­nal Self last night. Got free Guin­ness out of it too.

We played at the Rain Night­club which is a nice lit­tle place in Ohio City with com­fort­able chairs, a rock­a­bil­ly bar­tender and a cute girl bar­tender. Strange­ly sub­lime to ridicu­lous, it only had PBR and Guin­ness on tap. We didn’t get paid for the gig, but we got free draughts and I man­aged to put down two Guin­ness before they real­ized that the free drafts only applied to the PBR. I met a few peo­ple from Syn­th­Cleve­land [a site I have vis­it­ed twice now] and then we start­ed the set.

Actu­al­ly, for the first three songs I just sat on the side, I don’t know board parts for every­thing yet so I attempt­ed sound-techy­ness because the acoustics were under­stat­ed­ly strange. We were sor­ta play­ing on a dance floor so the speak­ers weren’t fac­ing toward uncon­trol­lable crowd of fans at the bar who were held in check by our crack secu­ri­ty pla­toon. The set list start­ed with Nos­tal­gia, then Res­o­lu­tion [my favorite song] then Grav­el Roads. Then there was a break while I was intro­duced and Greyson [who cut off all his hair] told the crowd that all of the sin­gle women should direct them­selves to me. I have made it no secret that I’m only in the band for the chicks. So then I bust­ed out my ‘board-fu on Forged from Steel and Emp­ty Decem­ber. Able-Bod­ied and Song for Tomor­row wrapped up the set and then we chat­ted a bit more before I left.

Patrick promised me at least 4 or 5 girls from this gig, but I didn’t get even half of a girl. So I’m think­ing that I’ve been lied to.

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