First Show

control_synthesizer_high_jpg.jpgI played live for the first time as a member of Subliminal Self last night. Got free Guinness out of it too.

We played at the Rain Nightclub which is a nice little place in Ohio City with comfortable chairs, a rockabilly bartender and a cute girl bartender. Strangely sublime to ridiculous, it only had PBR and Guinness on tap. We didn’t get paid for the gig, but we got free draughts and I managed to put down two Guinness before they realized that the free drafts only applied to the PBR. I met a few people from SynthCleveland [a site I have visited twice now] and then we started the set.

Actually, for the first three songs I just sat on the side, I don’t know board parts for everything yet so I attempted sound-techyness because the acoustics were understatedly strange. We were sorta playing on a dance floor so the speakers weren’t facing toward uncontrollable crowd of fans at the bar who were held in check by our crack security platoon. The set list started with Nostalgia, then Resolution [my favorite song] then Gravel Roads. Then there was a break while I was introduced and Greyson [who cut off all his hair] told the crowd that all of the single women should direct themselves to me. I have made it no secret that I’m only in the band for the chicks. So then I busted out my ‘board-fu on Forged from Steel and Empty December. Able-Bodied and Song for Tomorrow wrapped up the set and then we chatted a bit more before I left.

Patrick promised me at least 4 or 5 girls from this gig, but I didn’t get even half of a girl. So I’m thinking that I’ve been lied to.

3 thoughts on “First Show

  1. I told you, there wasn’t many girls there. Wait till next time, it’ll be a much bigger show. With lots of chicks.
    We will pimp you out at that one, as well.

    Though I think if you gyrate around while playing more, it’ll help

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