High School

spartan.jpg Some mem­o­ries worth re­mem­ber­ing from my high school days. This is by no means an ex­haus­tive list. Not avail­able in all ar­eas. Void where pro­hib­it­ed.

• My fresh­man year lock­er be­ing next to some smelly guy named Delbert who was a mi­nor drug deal­er.
• Getting frog ichor in my mouth dur­ing dis­sec­tion.
• Goofing off in Mr. Moore’s chem­istry class and Mr. Benz’s bi­ol­o­gy class with NeaL and Miller.
• My first high school crush on December McIntyre in Mr. Havlicek’s al­ge­bra class.
• Wearing to­gas to school with Miller and Phil and get­ting away with it.
• Infinite trips to Richmond and the in­fi­nite shenani­gans that were a part of said trips.
• Getting pulled over by the cops for no rea­son time and again.
• Shanan Bunzendahl.
• Sitting a a lunch ta­ble full of the drop dead­est gor­geous­est girls in school for most of my ju­nior year.
• One-up­ping my­self each week with CHS Today pro­duced goofi­ness.
• Snagging the cov­et­ed au­dio-mix­er po­si­tion.
• Being in­volved in far too many clubs, sports and ac­tiv­i­ties.
• Still nev­er hav­ing to do any home­work.
• Skipping out on school with a big group of friends to go see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and al­most con­vinc­ing my cal­cu­lus teacher to go with us.
• Cross-coun­try away meets.
• Having my fa­vorite teacher, Mr. Gentry, tell me I re­mind­ed him of him when he was young.
• Academic teams.
• The changes that re­sult­ed in me go­ing from some un­known dork my fresh­man year to the dork in the Prom Court my se­nior year.
• Being a huge nerd with Chuck dur­ing SRT in or­der to keep sane from the con­stant freak­ing out of the vale­dic­to­ri­an-elect.
• Having such a good rep­u­ta­tion as a stu­dent that I could wan­der around the halls aim­less­ly, wast­ing time.

9 thoughts on “High School

  1. Weird!
    Last night I al­most called you.
    I was sit­ting on the front porch lis­ten­ing to the high school band prac­tice. Reminded me of those good old days.
    I love and miss you.

  2. ah yes. i was think­ing about high school the oth­er day too. its amaz­ing how much can hap­pen in just 4 years. and does­nt 10×400×80×20 sound like a se­cret code or some­thing. i re­mem­ber that all too well too. miss the crap out of it. now you got me thinkin and re­mem­berin. those were the days

  3. Wow,your high school ex­pe­ri­ence is the ex­act op­po­site of mine. Mine was like this: get up late,wander in wear­ing what­ev­er was on the floor,breeze through class­es with­out acu­tal­ly say­ing a sin­gle word,have my lunch in the li­brary where I would do the home­work I was sup­posed to have done the night before,wander around for the rest of the day,try to stay awake in math,openly fall asleep in Science,go home,putter around,sleep. Rinse and re­peat. I in­vent­ed the word “wall­flower”. Seriously.

  4. not a whole lot adam. liv­ing in san fran­cis­co, cal­i­for­nia, vis­it­ing home right now. ac­tu­al­ly my job has had me in san ma­teo coun­ty, home of the scott pe­ter­son trail, and a place that ad­ver­tis­es it­self as hav­ing per­fect weath­er (and it’s no joke). how about your­self? how is “the life”? hoep­ful­ly all is well. the best any­one can hope for. be hap­py.

  5. Heya Adam! Doub told me he googled my name & found this. Neato. I’m on google thanks to you! I’ll al­ways re­mem­ber our awe­some HS days, and Snoball with you, Katie & Jeff. 🙂 Miss ya! Email me or ‘my­space’ me some­time. 🙂

    Talk to you soon,

  6. wow…i just kin­da stum­bled on to this…google strikes again. it’s nice yr first crush was in my father’s math class, in a class i’m pret­ty sure i was in…the things i could tell you about her would as­tound you. oh, and del­bert daw­son was the stinky fella’s name. more of a ad­dict then a deal­er. and i could guess who you are, but that would take the fun out­ta you telling me.

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