High School

spartan.jpg Some memories worth remembering from my high school days. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Not available in all areas. Void where prohibited.

• My freshman year locker being next to some smelly guy named Delbert who was a minor drug dealer.
• Getting frog ichor in my mouth during dissection.
• 10x400x80x20
• Goofing off in Mr. Moore’s chemistry class and Mr. Benz’s biology class with NeaL and Miller.
• My first high school crush on December McIntyre in Mr. Havlicek’s algebra class.
• Wearing togas to school with Miller and Phil and getting away with it.
• Infinite trips to Richmond and the infinite shenanigans that were a part of said trips.
• Getting pulled over by the cops for no reason time and again.
• Shanan Bunzendahl.
• Sitting a a lunch table full of the drop deadest gorgeousest girls in school for most of my junior year.
• One-upping myself each week with CHS Today produced goofiness.
• Snagging the coveted audio-mixer position.
• Being involved in far too many clubs, sports and activities.
• Still never having to do any homework.
• Skipping out on school with a big group of friends to go see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and almost convincing my calculus teacher to go with us.
• Cross-country away meets.
• Having my favorite teacher, Mr. Gentry, tell me I reminded him of him when he was young.
• Academic teams.
• The changes that resulted in me going from some unknown dork my freshman year to the dork in the Prom Court my senior year.
• Being a huge nerd with Chuck during SRT in order to keep sane from the constant freaking out of the valedictorian-elect.
• Having such a good reputation as a student that I could wander around the halls aimlessly, wasting time.

9 thoughts on “High School

  1. Weird!
    Last night I almost called you.
    I was sitting on the front porch listening to the high school band practice. Reminded me of those good old days.
    I love and miss you.

  2. ah yes. i was thinking about high school the other day too. its amazing how much can happen in just 4 years. and doesnt 10x400x80x20 sound like a secret code or something. i remember that all too well too. miss the crap out of it. now you got me thinkin and rememberin. those were the days

  3. Wow,your high school experience is the exact opposite of mine. Mine was like this: get up late,wander in wearing whatever was on the floor,breeze through classes without acutally saying a single word,have my lunch in the library where I would do the homework I was supposed to have done the night before,wander around for the rest of the day,try to stay awake in math,openly fall asleep in Science,go home,putter around,sleep. Rinse and repeat. I invented the word “wallflower”. Seriously.

  4. not a whole lot adam. living in san francisco, california, visiting home right now. actually my job has had me in san mateo county, home of the scott peterson trail, and a place that advertises itself as having perfect weather (and it’s no joke). how about yourself? how is “the life”? hoepfully all is well. the best anyone can hope for. be happy.

  5. Heya Adam! Doub told me he googled my name & found this. Neato. I’m on google thanks to you! I’ll always remember our awesome HS days, and Snoball with you, Katie & Jeff. 🙂 Miss ya! Email me or ‘myspace’ me sometime. 🙂

    Talk to you soon,

  6. wow…i just kinda stumbled on to this…google strikes again. it’s nice yr first crush was in my father’s math class, in a class i’m pretty sure i was in…the things i could tell you about her would astound you. oh, and delbert dawson was the stinky fella’s name. more of a addict then a dealer. and i could guess who you are, but that would take the fun outta you telling me.

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