Parliament of Owls

EvilPumpkin.jpgWhat should I be for Halloween?


4 thoughts on “Parliament of Owls

  1. Ok here are a few at random:
    A Wombat (don’t ask me how to do it though)
    a purple gorrilla (grape ape)
    a squirrel
    rabid human
    pink panther
    anti-goth (a bone white suit?)
    An undecided prez candidate (somhow cut a mask so the lefside is kerry, right side is bush?)
    upsidedown…aka buthead (you’ll have to ruin a pair of pants and figure out how to stay somewhat modest and keep a shirt on)
    ok so it’s late at night and I’m throw a lot of lame shit out..,

  2. Dr. Frankenfurter or the policeman from the Village People. (Think tight leather pants, baby!)

    ACKKKKKKKKK! Mental images are BAD.

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