The Celibate Life

benedick.jpgThat a woman con­ceived me, I thank her; that she
brought me up, I like­wise give her most hum­ble
thanks: but that I will have a recheat wind­ed in my
fore­head, or hang my bu­gle in an in­vis­i­ble baldrick,
all women shall par­don me. Because I will not do
them the wrong to mis­trust any, I will do my­self the
right to trust none; and the fine is, for the which
I may go the fin­er, I will live a bach­e­lor.

-Much Ado About Nothing: Act I, Scene I

I fig­ure since I’m not con­fi­dent enough to ac­tu­al­ly ask a woman on a date and since I’m tired of hav­ing this un­con­fi­dence bug me I can kill two birds with one stone by adopt­ing the celi­bate life. So, no grand­chil­dren for you moth­er; sor­ry. I’m al­so a tight­wad, dat­ing is ex­pen­sive and poor eco­nom­ics to boot. I’ll take as my role mod­el Sir Benedick of Padua from Much Ado About Nothing. A man of sharp wit, prag­mat­ic in ac­tion and no­ble of soul, Sir Benedick is the con­sum­mate bach­e­lor.

I al­so have an ul­te­ri­or mo­tive for my sup­posed celiba­cy.

Is’t come to this? In faith, hath not the world
one man but he will wear his cap with sus­pi­cion?
Shall I nev­er see a bach­e­lor of three-score again?
Go to, i’ faith; an thou wilt needs thrust thy neck
in­to a yoke, wear the print of it and sigh away

23 thoughts on “The Celibate Life

  1. Are you liv­ing back in the ’50’s or some­thing?? Dating? Expensive? You know, there are PLENTY of chicks out there who will hap­pi­ly pay for them­selves and in fact INSIST on do­ing so. So dat­ing shouldn’t be re­al­ly any more ex­pen­sive than hav­ing friends.

  2. What you say is true, I do live in the ‘50s in some ways. I feel like a suck­er if I don’t pay, at least the first time ’round.

  3. 1 — I sec­ond Lauren. not on­ly for my­self, but *every* girl/​woman I have ever been friends with is ac­tu­al­ly mod­er­ate­ly of­fend­ed and thinks they’re on a date with an old-fash­ioneed chau­vanist if a guy they are on a ca­su­al first or sec­ond date with in­sists on pay­ing for them. It goes along with the im­pli­ca­tions that ei­ther you think she should be at mar­ried, at home, and preg­nant soon or you ex­pect some­thing in ex­change for pay­ing. Splitting the bill is def­i­nite­ly the norm.

  4. OKay, I have an idea.
    It’s crazy, but it just-might-work!

    *Ask a woman (or a guy, if you are of that per­sua­sion) to:
     — Coffee
     — Lunch
     — make up your own!
    * They will ei­ther say yes or no
    * If they say yes, you have a DATE!

    And, se­ri­ous­ly, women nowa­days do not ex­pect to be paid for all the time, at least not the types you’d prob­a­bly want to date. But, even if so, I think your cheap ass can af­ford 1.50 for a cup of cof­fee for ‘em.

  5. thinks they’re on a date with an old-fash­ioneed chau­vanist if a guy they are on a ca­su­al first or sec­ond date with in­sists on pay­ing for them. It goes along with the im­pli­ca­tions that ei­ther you think she should be at mar­ried, at home, and preg­nant soon or you ex­pect some­thing in ex­change for pay­ing.

    Just be­cause some­one is old-fash­ioned doesn’t mean they are a chau­vin­ist. I can see how those things could be and prob­a­bly are eas­i­ly as­sumed but that does not mit­i­gate the un­fair­ness of the as­sump­tion.

  6. Patrick, part of the point of de­cid­ing to live the celi­bate life is that I don’t have to deal with the agony of ask­ing a girl out.

  7. Agony? Shit, you’re ask­ing some­one out on a date. Come on.
    I mean, I am the worst..ungodly..horrible and shy about things like this. Ask Genevieve. But, if you’re go­ing to be a Confirmed Bachelor, be it ’cause you *want* to be sin­gle, not ’cause you’re wuss­ing out on ask­ing some­one out. You don’t have a large de­for­mi­ty, you’re an at­trat­ice and se­mi-charm­ing fel­low and you’re not sleazy. No girl would be of­fend­ed or weird­ed out by be­ing asked out by you.

  8. You know,I am go­ing to have to agree with my broth­er on this one. Coming from a sin­gle girl’s point of view,the cof­fee idea is a good one. I tend to have the rule that whomev­er does the ask­ing for the date,should pay. I have paid for dates before,and I have found that the guy is gen­uine­ly sur­prised. But I don’t mind,because I’ll pay if I asked HIM out.
    Now,I do not think that just be­cause some­one is old fashioned,they are a chau­vanist. I think the old fash­ioned thing is kind of nice. Door opening,pulling out chairs,offering to pay the bill…that is what I call a gen­tle­man. And just be­cause they offer,doesn’t mean I will let them pay the bill. It’s just nice to have the of­fer.
    And as for you de­cid­ing to be a bach­e­lor be­cause you are “a wuss”,then I sigh and say get over it. Being alone is not fun and it will get old re­al quick. You’re go­ing to want some­one to share your life with,to take to the movies,to make din­ner for,to cud­dle with at night. The whole ask­ing girls out can be a tricky thing. But in the end it’s worth it. Because you will gain that con­fi­d­ance and maybe even find that per­son who makes you hap­py.

  9. dont give up adam! im a pan­sy too, but im not giv­ing up. but my prob­lem is.…how do i go up to the girl that plays flute in the band at church??

  10. well hell, you play good gui­tar, join the band. church songs are easy to learn.

    or bet­ter yet, ask her if there is room in the band for an­oth­er per­son.

  11. Because you want to take “ask­ing out” ad­vice from a guy whose de­cid­ing on a life of celiba­cy to avoid it 😉

  12. My per­son­al rule has al­ways been: nev­er date a man that thinks chival­ry is dead. 

    Unfortunately, one per­sons kind­ness might be an­oth­ers form of sex­ism. I don’t think it im­plies any­thing for a man to hold the door for me, or pay for my meal.
    I think it does many a good dis­ser­vice to equate such ac­tions as be­ing old fash­ioned, or even worse “chau­vanis­tic” or “sex­ist”.

    I be­lieve though that if I ask (for a date), I pay, and if he asks, he pays. 

    I have nev­er been of­fend­ed, or con­sid­ered some­one a chau­vanist, for of­fer­ing to pay for my meal. I think it is kind, and would ac­tu­al­ly wor­ry if af­ter every date I was tossed the bill.

  13. i don’t think you’ve picked the best role mod­el for this sit­u­a­tion, is not sign­or benedick a con­firmed bachlor un­til he de­clares love for beat­rice and pro­claims by the end of the play he won­ders why one would not mar­ry? don’t be so hard on your­self, we all go through it. yes the idea of re­jec­tion is ter­ri­fy­ing but if you nev­er ask then you will be alone.
    does be­ing alone make you hap­py?

  14. My $0.02:
    I think the un­der­ly­ing point/​theme is that you have to be com­fort­able with who your­self and your sit­u­a­tion be­fore things hap­pen. In oth­er­words tak­ing on the whole com­mit­ted to bacher­lor­hood, if tak­en se­ri­ous­ly, might lead to you best shot. Sort of like how women seem to be at­tract­ed to gay/​engaged/​married men. If you seem to be off the books that some­how makes you more de­sire­able. So ei­ther you need to go gay, get engaged/​married, or just pro­claim your­self a life­long bach­e­lor. I think you did the last thing just now…so hang around women, pro­claim your bacelor­hood proud­ly and they will flock to you…(I mean why not, I don’t see how it could be that bad of an idea)

  15. “Confirmed batch­e­lor” is a term that was used up un­til the mid 20th cen­tu­ry as a eu­phamism for gay, in a time when a man couldn’t be out in main­stream so­ci­ety.

  16. Hang out a book stores — guys are al­ways hit­ting on me while I’m se­ri­ous­ly try­ing to mem­o­rize CSS code for rel­a­tive po­si­tion­ing!

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