Wedding Weekend

rings.jpgThis is another one of those multi-​day quick rehashing of what I’ve been up to as of late. It has been busy.

I ceased work abruptly at noon on Thursday and went down the street to pick up Liam who was one of the groomsmen at the wedding we were heading to in Indianapolis. We then went to CrapDonald’s for a quickie lunch before hitting the interstate for a while. On the rare occasion that I buy fast food I make it the most unhealthiest meal of all as possible. So I large-​sized my fries and drink, covered the fries in four packets of salt and drenched them in ketchup. It was tasty but my stomach didn’t like me for it.

We got to Indianapolis a few hours later after much good conversation and went to my Aunt’s house in Noblesville. She is recovering from an operation that left her with a semi-​colon; much like an operation my high school English teacher went through. We visited with her for a bit and then headed to the east side where we met up with Jes?d then we went to O’Rourke’s and threw darts for a bit. The owner of the bar was there and bought everyone a round. We were hungry so we went to Hooter’s where we had the second most unattractive waitress I’ve ever seen, ever. We scarfed down 50 wings and then headed to The Mineshaft in Broad Ripple for $1 New Castle’s and the ubiquitous Stoli shot. Then we went to Conner’s Pub [named after the brother of the person who founded my hometown]. It was a rugby bar and felt very Corby’s-like to me. They had an old wooden bar and poured an excellent pint of Guinness. By then everyone but me was hammered and/​or puking and the bars were all closing anyway, so I drove everyone home, from the Northwest side to the Southeast side and back north and then even farther, back to bed in Noblesville. I finally hit the sack at 4:30.

The next day I was up around 9:30 and I went to Kohl’s to get a belt but ended up buying two pairs of the comfortable khakis that I’ve been unable to find for months and a green polo shirt. Since nothing was happening wedding-​wise till later, I then watched both Seabiscuit [good movie] and Cast Away [okay movie] and practiced my guitar a bit before heading back to the southeast side and going to Lone Star [where I had more wings] with Jes?d his girlfriend. Then we went to BW3’s and I ended up leaving early since I was barely able to keep my eyes open. The next day I helped my uncle load some water-​softener salt into the cellar and then prepared for the wedding, got all spiffed out in my suit and tie and headed to the Wesleyan church. The wedding went off well, and the preacher/​pastor/​minister guys made some excellent metaphors about marriage and rings and vows and all that. We then went to the hotel for a brief grab of a forgotten wedding present that turned into a half hour tangent as we needed to turn on the Notre Dame game and watch them beat the tar out of the University of Washington. We went to Five Seasons [dumbest name ever] sports country club for the reception and it was quite a spiffy place. I had tasty biscotti, quiche and coconut shrimp for the appetizer and then turkey and salad and other stuff for the dinner. The best man speech, done by AJ was very good but the wedding reception was much different than what I am used to. No alcohol, very little dancing, staid. It was good though. After, we all piled into a hotel room and watched the game, I dozed through it since I’d already seen a bunch of it.

Liam went back to my aunt’s house with me and we crashed hard, got up early, I made some eggs over easy and then we went to Connersvill for about 2.5 hours, visited mom briefly, she fed up chicken pot pie and went to grandma’s where I rooted through much of the stuff she was selling and got hair clippers, an electric typewriter, an extension cord, poker chips and my great-grandfather’s Knight’s of Columbus sword and sash and hat, which was meant for the first grandchild who joined the Knights. Since none of my uncles did so, and I was the first of the next generation to do so, I got the goods. The sword needs some serious maintenance and I need to become a 4th degree Knight before I can legitimately wear them but I’ve got ‘em at least. We drove back to Cleveland, had much more good conversation, I got home, unpacked and passed out at 8:30.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend

  1. The Knights of Columbus are a fraternal Catholic service organization that were founded as a counterpoint to the Ku Klux Klan and now assist Catholic charities. The less active halls don’t do much more than host bingo nights though.

    My council at Notre Dame raised over $40k a year for charities and also ministered to death row inmates. Getting a steakburger from the KofC concession stand is the #3 thing to do on a Notre Dame football weekend, right after visiting the Grotto and listening to the band play on the steps of Bond Hall.

  2. Adam, it’s not a steakburger…you get those at steak and shake. It’s a Steak Sandwich. Real steak, real buns, real good.

  3. You drank more alcohol in one night than I will drink in my entire life. Fascinating culture we have here.

    Here’s a question: what are the Knights of Columbus? I have never received a good answer to that question.

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