A Tribute to Online Casino

slots.jpg I would like to take this time to rec­og­nize one of the most pro­lif­ic con­trib­u­tors to Organ­ic Mechan­ic. My friend and yours; Online Casi­no. Along with his friends Slots, Lev­i­t­ra, pre­scrip­tion drugs and Get Laid Tonite!; Online Casi­no has giv­en me much to think about in his time vis­it­ing this site.

I don’t under­stand SPAM any­more. At all. And now I can no longer fig­ure out why spam is sent. At all. Unso­licit­ed mail fil­ters do a very good job and the few spam that actu­al­ly make it to my inbox are com­plete­ly illeg­i­ble. Awk­ward spac­ing l33t-5p3k3 spelling and igno­min­ious­ly ran­dom names obscure any mes­sage that the mail might have once had.

Sim­i­lar­ly, the spam com­ments I get on my blog are just about as use­less. The links are dead and I know no one who would click on it any­way. This makes me won­der if the spam­mers are just doing this out of habit or per­haps some illog­i­cal desire to get past some secu­ri­ty fea­ture and take a dump on someone’s site or in their mail­box. Once my move is com­plet­ed I’ll prob­a­bly do a redesign and upgrade to MT 3.0. That will most like­ly kill the vis­its from Online Casi­no and his friends.