A Tribute to Online Casino

slots.jpg I would like to take this time to recognize one of the most prolific contributors to Organic Mechanic. My friend and yours; Online Casino. Along with his friends Slots, Levitra, prescription drugs and Get Laid Tonite!; Online Casino has given me much to think about in his time visiting this site.

I don’t understand SPAM anymore. At all. And now I can no longer figure out why spam is sent. At all. Unsolicited mail filters do a very good job and the few spam that actually make it to my inbox are completely illegible. Awkward spacing l33t-5p3k3 spelling and ignominiously random names obscure any message that the mail might have once had.

Similarly, the spam comments I get on my blog are just about as useless. The links are dead and I know no one who would click on it anyway. This makes me wonder if the spammers are just doing this out of habit or perhaps some illogical desire to get past some security feature and take a dump on someone’s site or in their mailbox. Once my move is completed I’ll probably do a redesign and upgrade to MT 3.0. That will most likely kill the visits from Online Casino and his friends.