olivetre.jpgI’ve had plen­ty of weird-ass dreams late­ly and I fig­ure pos­ter­i­ty will de­ter­mine my con­tri­bu­tion to the world through the ex­am­i­na­tion of this blog, per­haps an ac­count of my dreams will pro­vide in­sights to that which is Adam.

I’ve been hav­ing dreams about the Democratic can­di­date for President of the United States of America. John Kerry was dri­ving up a moun­tain and got a flat tire and I helped him change it. Meanwhile, in the sky, President George W. Bush made Pbbbtt! faces at us and then hid be­hind clouds. I al­so had an­oth­er dream about Kerry where I was back­stage with him [back­stage in any of my dreams is al­ways back­stage at the au­di­to­ri­um at St. Gabriel’s] and we were shoot­ing the shit about a video game I’ve been play­ing called Baldur’s Gate.

Last night I dreamed about a cer­tain girl. This is the first time I can re­call dream­ing about her. She was an FBI agent as­signed to me [I was a thief à la Baldur’s Gate] and we were falling in lu­u­ur­rve as we rode bikes through Tremont.

I al­so had a dream where a bunch of kids in a field were play­ing stick­ball. This field was on a moun­tain­side, but was lev­el. While you were con­cen­trat­ing on the moun­tain, the field had bound­aries, while you were con­cen­trat­ing on the field, it seemed bound­less [but still on the moun­tain, al­ways on the moun­tain]. A drag­on ap­prox­i­mate­ly the size of a a short bus ap­peared and scared the crap out of the kids. Then I show up, a knight on horse­back with my sword and fight the drag­on, wound­ing it in the soft part be­hind the jaw. It fled in­to the woods and cursed me. So I roamed around er­rant style and even­tu­al­ly end­ed up back in the moun­tain mead­ow. Then, con­cen­trat­ing on the field, I went in­to the false-woods to find out where the drag­on end­ed up. As a trav­eled in­to the woods, I aged dras­ti­cal­ly un­til, when I found the drag­on, I was re­al­ly freak­ing old. The drag­on was just as old as I was and wasn’t par­tic­u­lar­ly dis­traught at my pres­ence. I sat down, leaned against his warm side and we both died.

The fi­nal dream I had, I was an ogre out on the heath. The wind is brisk and con­stant­ly mak­ing the sound wind does as it whis­tles over a heath. I en­joy liv­ing out here in the wilder­ness with the oth­er ogres and grif­fons and hob­gob­lins and wild an­i­mals. Since I’m an ogre, I live alone and rarely see oth­er crit­ters un­less I’m get­ting wa­ter from the small cold riv­er that flows down from a moun­tain. One day some crit­ter tells me that a knight is loose on the heath and is killing things left and right. I am ex­as­per­at­ed be­cause we crit­ters out here on the heath just mind out own busi­ness but every once in a while some knight gets it in­to his head that we ter­ror­ize vil­lagers and need de­stroyed. So I set out to fight the knight, since that seems to be what he has in mind. The na­ture of the heath is such that the longer I trav­el in search of my goal, the less like­ly I am to find it. So goes the same with the knight. Eventually we run in­to each oth­er, com­plete­ly by ac­ci­dent, and I smush him.

I need to play less Baldur’s Gate.

5 thoughts on “Dream-o-nomi­con

  1. I’m go­ing to have to agree with that com­ment. You’re dream­ing about the pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates? Wow. And I thought I had weird dreams.

  2. yeah, i’ve got the orig­i­nal, the ex­pan­sion of the orig­i­nal, the se­quel, and the ex­pan­sion for the se­quel. all pi­rat­ed. in fact, the first com­put­er game i ever had was pi­rat­ed. re­mem­ber Castle of the Winds lukas? yeah.

    any­way, i can’t get nev­er­win­ter nights un­til i get a bet­ter sys­tem. mine is old and crotch­ety.

  3. no, baldur’s gate is a great game…in fact…get bal­durs gate 2 and nev­er­win­ter nights now, be­cause you will end up do­ing it lat­er anyways…and you can trans­fer char­ac­ters. i had the same af­flic­tion whence i played through it, on­ly no pres­i­den­tial candidates…more like me a brad linville fight­ing a lich

  4. Baldur’s Gate kicks ass, one of my fa­vorite PS2 games eas­i­ly. Play more. Keep dream­ing.

    …Except for the pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates thing. Tell your sub­con­scious to quit that.

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