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lazyeye.jpgDo I have a lazy eye? Or, to be mild­ly more or less nicer about the top­ic, do I have ambly­opia or stra­bis­mus? No one has ever brought this up to me before, but while hav­ing din­ner in an Indi­an restau­rant a few weeks ago, one of my so-called friends men­tioned a lazy-eye in my direc­tion.

Now, I don’t think I have a lazy eye, but then, who am I to tell? Maybe I get a lazy eye when I am tired but no one has ever men­tioned it to me. Per­haps this is a recent devel­op­ment due to the flu­o­res­cent lights and con­stant com­put­er screen star­ing.

Lazy eyes aren’t some­thing peo­ple usu­al­ly ask about to a per­son who has an eye that is lazy. So I can posit how that would go unno­ticed. I am the type of per­son who will tell some­one if they have some­thing in their teeth or if their fly is open, but I would nev­er men­tion a lazy eye, assum­ing that the per­son would know about it.

I think what my so-called friend was notic­ing was my mis­shapen head. This is not nor­mal­ly notice­able to an extreme degree, for my head is not extreme­ly mis­shapen, but if my glass­es are crooked then it is more appar­ent because my glass­es will look straight, but my eyes will sit cat­ty­wam­pus. The left side of my face is a lit­tle bit low­er than the right side. My nose also angles slight­ly to the left. I do not know why I didn’t say that the right side of my face is slight­ly high­er than the left. Also, my left eye tends to be a bit wider open the my right eye. Although maybe it is in fact my left eye which is less closed than my right eye.

Have you ever noticed if I get a lazy eye?

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  • Man, you do *not* have a lazy eye.
    As for your head, I haven’t noticed, but then it’s not as dras­ti­cal­ly f*cked up as Spisak’s, soo.….

  • oh my god. you’re STILL on that? all i did was ask if you got a lazy eye when you were tired… i didn’t state that you def­i­nite­ly had one but that, for a sec­ond, it looked like you might but that it went away imme­di­ate­ly.

  • I noticed that both your eyes are lazy.…when you are sleep­ing.
    Ok all jokes aside…I tend to have a lazy eye when I get tired, but I know it is hap­pen­ing because I also get a bit of a twitch that goes along with it.

  • when I was lit­tle I had a very pro­nounced lazy eye, thanks to cer­tain med­ica­tions I was on. In grow­ing up, it cleared up dras­ti­cal­ly.

    One of my eyes opens just the slight­est bit more than the oth­er. Nor­mal­ly, it is only not­i­ca­ble when I am tired. I think of it in the same way that I think of the fact that every­one has one leg that is slight­ly longer, or one ear that is tipped a bit more than they oth­er. Nature doesn’t work for per­fect sym­e­try.

  • Jane, I think that is also called droopy(sp?) eye. I have a sim­i­lar prob­lem with that, it can be very notice­able in pic­tures. Looks a bit like I’m wink­ing but most­ly it makes me look like I was dropped as a child.

  • Yes, I think you are right about the “droopy eye” thing. For some rea­son my mom always called it a lazy eye, but it seems that isn’t what it is.

    Inter­est­ing­ly enough, my grand­pa also had a droopy eye, and he and I were on the same med­ica­tion for sev­er­al years. Per­haps mine cleared up because I no longer take that med­i­cine. Or maybe, because it was just some­thing I out­grew.

    Mine is most notice­able when I am tired, and occa­sion­al­ly still in a pho­to.

  • I have to total­ly agree with what Har­vey­men­tioned about. All of a sud­den I feel my left face becom­ing lazier and lazier. At first I only noticed my eye but now its my nose my face, my eye brows aren’t even any more. Any now I actu­al­ly feel my left lip heavy. I want to say hang­ing. It’s so wierd. What could it be?

  • we should all start a club. i recent­ly renewed my pass­port and was aston­ished how small my left eye was in com­par­i­son to my right…and my mouth slides down to the left so far i like­ly drooled dur­ing the pho­to shoot. so now, i am too embar­rassed to trav­el…

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