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lazyeye.jpgDo I have a lazy eye? Or, to be mildly more or less nicer about the topic, do I have amblyopia or strabismus? No one has ever brought this up to me before, but while having dinner in an Indian restaurant a few weeks ago, one of my so-called friends mentioned a lazy-eye in my direction.

Now, I don’t think I have a lazy eye, but then, who am I to tell? Maybe I get a lazy eye when I am tired but no one has ever mentioned it to me. Perhaps this is a recent development due to the fluorescent lights and constant computer screen staring.

Lazy eyes aren’t something people usually ask about to a person who has an eye that is lazy. So I can posit how that would go unnoticed. I am the type of person who will tell someone if they have something in their teeth or if their fly is open, but I would never mention a lazy eye, assuming that the person would know about it.

I think what my so-called friend was noticing was my misshapen head. This is not normally noticeable to an extreme degree, for my head is not extremely misshapen, but if my glasses are crooked then it is more apparent because my glasses will look straight, but my eyes will sit cattywampus. The left side of my face is a little bit lower than the right side. My nose also angles slightly to the left. I do not know why I didn’t say that the right side of my face is slightly higher than the left. Also, my left eye tends to be a bit wider open the my right eye. Although maybe it is in fact my left eye which is less closed than my right eye.

Have you ever noticed if I get a lazy eye?

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  1. Man, you do *not* have a lazy eye.
    As for your head, I haven’t noticed, but then it’s not as drastically f*cked up as Spisak’s, soo…..

  2. oh my god. you’re STILL on that? all i did was ask if you got a lazy eye when you were tired… i didn’t state that you definitely had one but that, for a second, it looked like you might but that it went away immediately.

  3. I noticed that both your eyes are lazy….when you are sleeping.
    Ok all jokes aside…I tend to have a lazy eye when I get tired, but I know it is happening because I also get a bit of a twitch that goes along with it.

  4. when I was little I had a very pronounced lazy eye, thanks to certain medications I was on. In growing up, it cleared up drastically.

    One of my eyes opens just the slightest bit more than the other. Normally, it is only noticable when I am tired. I think of it in the same way that I think of the fact that everyone has one leg that is slightly longer, or one ear that is tipped a bit more than they other. Nature doesn’t work for perfect symetry.

  5. Jane, I think that is also called droopy(sp?) eye. I have a similar problem with that, it can be very noticeable in pictures. Looks a bit like I’m winking but mostly it makes me look like I was dropped as a child.

  6. Yes, I think you are right about the “droopy eye” thing. For some reason my mom always called it a lazy eye, but it seems that isn’t what it is.

    Interestingly enough, my grandpa also had a droopy eye, and he and I were on the same medication for several years. Perhaps mine cleared up because I no longer take that medicine. Or maybe, because it was just something I outgrew.

    Mine is most noticeable when I am tired, and occasionally still in a photo.

  7. I have to totally agree with what Harveymentioned about. All of a sudden I feel my left face becoming lazier and lazier. At first I only noticed my eye but now its my nose my face, my eye brows aren’t even any more. Any now I actually feel my left lip heavy. I want to say hanging. It’s so wierd. What could it be?

  8. we should all start a club. i recently renewed my passport and was astonished how small my left eye was in comparison to my right…and my mouth slides down to the left so far i likely drooled during the photo shoot. so now, i am too embarrassed to travel…

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