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clawfoot.jpgOver the past year I’ve done quite a bit of bitching about my apartment. That will all soon end, since I now have a new apartment elsewhere that is loads better than my present leaky shoebox. Rejoice ye children of Ctown. Verily I say unto thee, w00t! Anyway, on with the description.

My new apartment is located in Tremont, a historical neighborhood that is literally about 5 minutes from Downtown Cleveland. It is still a rough around the edges place, but is being slowly and surely renovated and I think in a year or two will be the new hip place to live. My apartment is on the terribly named Fruit Avenue and is located in the back of an art gallery. It is a two way street that has one way streets entering from both ends. The only way to exit the street is to head west. This means turning the car around if you enter from W. 10th street. Due to this craziness there is virtually no traffic; thus, things are very quiet.

The landlord lives above the art gallery and probably in his mid thirties. There is another apartment above mine which is also available for renting. My apartment is the only one that has permanent access to the English-style garden in the backyard. My apartment has a back porch. It has wood floors in three of the rooms, leaded glass cabinetry, crown molding and to top it all off, a claw-footed bathtub. The only things it really lacks are a medicine cabinet and closet space. I’m thinking about asking the landlord to install a medicine cabinet with mirror, one of those attaches to the wall jobbies instead of an install into the wall deal. The closet space I’ll just have to deal with.

Also, this building is apparently haunted. I kid you not. The dude said that he has had paranormal experts out to visit and has had it “cleaned” several times. Contrary to most folks, I think this is sort of cool, if true. I’ve got no problems with the spirit world and it ain’t like any critter has the ability to hurt me. There just better not be any ectoplasm on my guitar. All in all it appears that karmic payback is in effect. After slumming for a year, I’ve managed to get a place with ridiculous amounts of character, a porch for my hick nature, multiple rooms to walk through, in a quiet neighborhood in a groovy area of town. Huzzah!

4 thoughts on “New Apartment

  1. Actually, Tremont has been the “new hip place to live” for about 3 or 4 years. Look at the 400k condos that were built, for example. It was a rough around the edges pioneers only place abotu ten years ago. At this point it’s just like living in any other city neighboorhood – yah, you have to lock your house and your car, but you can walk around at night and there’s way more energy than in the burbs.

    Anyways, glad to have you as a new neighbor.

  2. i’m glad to hear you got it, you were so excited about it. sounds like great payback for your tenement days. and who knows the ghosts could be fun.

  3. sounds like a nice pad, fella, and i bet it doesn’t require 5 grand to obtain like my place in san fran. i’ve visited cleveland on several occasions to enjoy the musical stylings of artist’s ranging from tool to sigur ros…so not only is that town cool, it has enough going on to keep you entertained. congratz on the advance in living quarters.

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