Show, Rugging, Move

mondrian.jpg Three sep­a­rate in­ci­dents, un­re­lat­ed ex­cept that they all oc­curred this past week­end, they all oc­curred in Ohio and they all oc­curred to me. I had Pelicano’s piz­za for like­ly the last time. It was tasty, but I still haven’t fig­ured out what the lit­tle tub of hon­ey is for.

Subliminal Self had a show on Friday and de­spite lay­ing a few eggs on Able-Bodied I played pret­ty well. Lushwell was wine-drink­ing mu­sic [a good thing!] and re­al­ly nice folks to boot. We didn’t end up go­ing on un­til around 1 in the morn­ing, but that hap­pens and ap­par­ent­ly SubSelf was due. Alas, I still didn’t get any chicks al­though I did play a round of pool with the chi­ca from Lushwell. Also got a free stick­er. [up­date! I made $7 dol­lars, ap­par­ent­ly, from the show. Maybe I should be in the band for the $$ and not the chicks.]

Went to L’s rug­by game on Saturday, they got wal­loped score-wise but the of­fi­cial said they didn’t play bad­ly. They looked dog tired though at the half. Then L got her half-gimped knee caught un­der her the wrong way and I felt like a big goon but went out to see if she was al­right. Flashbacks. urk. I de­cid­ed to go to the rug­by par­ty in­stead of watch­ing the Notre Dame game [blas­phe­my i know] where I got free wings and had a Guinness for $2.75. I want­ed to chat up one of L’s team­mates but de­cid­ed it would be bet­ter to let the team cel­e­bra­tions con­tin­ue un­mo­lest­ed as it were.

Sunday morn­ing I did the typ­i­cal Mass [where the homi­ly was in­di­rect­ly and hor­ri­bly preached about choos­ing the right can­di­date that es­pous­es Catholic morals. Emphasis on right. It was quite un­sub­tle, and if you want to com­pare the Catholicity of the can­di­dates, then this chart from the National Catholic re­porter does a good job. I snagged that from this MeFi thread, which has some oth­er in­ter­est­ing ar­ti­cles on the Catholic vote as well.] laun­dry rou­tine and then did some pack­ing of my car. I got my keys to the new place around 12:30 and start­ed mov­ing in. I made three trips from old shit­hole to new pad and then passed out at 7:45, ex­haust­ed.