Show, Rugging, Move

mondrian.jpgThree separate incidents, unrelated except that they all occurred this past weekend, they all occurred in Ohio and they all occurred to me. I had Pelicano’s pizza for likely the last time. It was tasty, but I still haven’t figured out what the little tub of honey is for.

Subliminal Self had a show on Friday and despite laying a few eggs on Able-​Bodied I played pretty well. Lushwell was wine-​drinking music [a good thing!] and really nice folks to boot. We didn’t end up going on until around 1 in the morning, but that happens and apparently SubSelf was due. Alas, I still didn’t get any chicks although I did play a round of pool with the chica from Lushwell. Also got a free sticker. [update! I made $7 dollars, apparently, from the show. Maybe I should be in the band for the $$ and not the chicks.]

Went to L’s rugby game on Saturday, they got walloped score-​wise but the official said they didn’t play badly. They looked dog tired though at the half. Then L got her half-​gimped knee caught under her the wrong way and I felt like a big goon but went out to see if she was alright. Flashbacks. urk. I decided to go to the rugby party instead of watching the Notre Dame game [blasphemy i know] where I got free wings and had a Guinness for $2.75. I wanted to chat up one of L’s teammates but decided it would be better to let the team celebrations continue unmolested as it were.

Sunday morning I did the typical Mass [where the homily was indirectly and horribly preached about choosing the right candidate that espouses Catholic morals. Emphasis on right. It was quite unsubtle, and if you want to compare the Catholicity of the candidates, then this chart from the National Catholic reporter does a good job. I snagged that from this MeFi thread, which has some other interesting articles on the Catholic vote as well.] laundry routine and then did some packing of my car. I got my keys to the new place around 12:30 and started moving in. I made three trips from old shithole to new pad and then passed out at 7:45, exhausted.

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