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Derelict Dream

I had a dream that I’ve not had in years, and it showed. Everything in the dream was old and derelict. There is this giant tree [now losing its leaves] and in the tree is a big net/hammock with a [now crustydusty] sheepskin in it. I know that a famous elf once slept very restfully […]

Thanksgiving Weekend Food

My mother came up this past weekend and saw the new place. We had Thanksgiving dinner with my friend from work, Lauren and it turned out pretty well. I roasted Cornish game hens with red potatoes and asparagus, basted in a lemon-garlic mixture, Mom made some scalloped yams and brought her pumpkin and famous pecan […]


Sometimes I wonder if God came on down to earth just to shut us whiny humans up. I sort of see the whole faith relationship thing as a struggle between my desire to be as capable and autonomous as possible with my necessary recognition that at times I’ve got to ask for help. But it […]

25th Birthday

I turned 24 a few days ago and it doesn’t seem much different than 23. Although my back is a bit stiff. I had a pretty low-key birthday, just like I wanted. As of now the gifts I have received include: 1 9oz bar of Malley’s Dark Chocolate, 1 standard wall clock, coolly altered into […]

Cleveland Morning News

I flip on the boob tube early in the mornings to catch the weather, since I’m still without internet access. As I have sampled each network it has occurred to me that every station has its own jerky quirky thing going on.

Potato Chip Comparison

I have purchased two brands of potato chips from the vending machine. Hooters™ Hot Wing Flavored Potato Chips, and Snyder’s of Hanover Hot! Buffalo Wing Potato Chips. Herein lies a comparison.


Today I am wearing my grandfather’s cufflinks. I need a pocketwatch, zippo, money clip and an old fashioned shaving razor and kit and then my collection of malephernalia will be complete. Cufflinks are pretty hard to put on by yourself. We’ve got this potluck lunch thing going on today at work, I volunteered to bring […]


Here is a list of all of the fun things I want for Christmas. Adam’s Wishlist What do you want for Christmas?

Diving Board

When I was a very small child, I took swimming lessons at the public pool. I assume there was some trepidation on my part, but learn to swim I sort of did, at the shallow end of the pool. However, as part of the coursework, we had to jump off the diving board at the […]


The Big Wigs™ are here today for a powow with my boss’s boss. The actual President of the Company™ is here with an Infinite Coterie™ of Vice Presidents of Sometherorother™. The President of the Company™ is still a rather small part of the Bigger Company That Oversees All™. So I am not even a Cog™, […]


I have borderline high cholesterol, which basically means I need to get my act together and start a regular exercise routine. I already eat rather healthily, so the most I can do there is cut out what grossness still exists. I walked around the perimeter of Tremont on Saturday after I discovered that the local […]

Dream Engaging

Last night, I dreamed that I was watching election coverage and couldn’t get a straight answer from any station regarding specific numbers of electoral votes. Then I saw an interview where the moniker bar at the bottom of the screen said George W. Bush, President-Elect. I sort of noticed it in passing as it were, […]


I am still 6 feet, one and one half inches tall, I am 167 pounds, my heartbeat is 71 bpm and my blood pressure is 133/81. I also voted today and am disappointed that I did not receive a sticker.


I am finally and utterly moved in to my new place. I am constantly catching myself grinning like a fool as I observe my domain. I can actually walk from room to room I don’t have to use my bed as counterspace when cooking, after 6 years of owning my TV I am actually in […]