25th Birthday

I turned 24 a few days ago and it doesn’t seem much dif­fer­ent than 23. Although my back is a bit stiff. I had a pret­ty low-key birth­day, just like I want­ed. As of now the gifts I have re­ceived in­clude: 1 9oz bar of Malley’s Dark Chocolate, 1 stan­dard wall clock, cool­ly al­tered in­to a Don Hertzfeldt wall clock and the orig­i­nal Metroid for my Nintendo.

Saturday, my ac­tu­al birth­day was spent briefly at the West Side Market, where I picked up some yams and mu­tant huge black­ber­ries [which aren’t near­ly as good as wild ones] and mush­rooms. Then I nabbed a cou­ple of Cornish game hens for Thanksgiving din­ner when my mom comes up lat­er this week. Adelphia came out and “hooked up my ca­ble box” ex­cept that I still don’t have in­ter­net ac­cess. So I called and resched­uled them to come in to­mor­row. I am frus­trat­ed with their crap­pi­ness. We had band prac­tice and I got to hear the rough­cut of the new song and I al­so had a li­ma bean and onion soup which [since I hate both li­ma beans and onions] was sur­pris­ing­ly tasty. Then I went over to an­oth­er friend’s house for pok­er night where much piz­za was eat­en and I end­ed up tak­ing home the huge pot of $4.

Sunday I did some pre­lim­i­nary Christmas shop­ping, didn’t end up buy­ing any­thing, but I got some ideas. I al­so ate at La Bodega which is about a block away from my place. It was tasty.

Now, on to dreams. I had some crazy ones last night. The less weird one first.

I picked up the red­haired girl from work in at Mace’s gro­cery store [the shit­ti­est gro­cery store ever to grace Connersville, and the one I got caught steal­ing from when I was five or six but that is an­oth­er sto­ry] and drove her to some gen­er­al pur­pose com­mu­ni­ty build­ing where I had to con­vince her to walk down some steps. Then a friend of mine who plays rug­by comes out of a door next to me and is pissed be­cause I didn’t come to see her recital. I ex­plained to her that when she had told me she was go­ing to a recital, I didn’t know that she was go­ing to be per­form­ing. I asked her what she had done and it turns out she is a part of a yo­del­ing group called the Yodeling Yodelers or the Yodeling Yoders.

The sec­ond dream is a rarely re­oc­cur­ring one that I prob­a­bly on­ly have two or three times a year. It is sort of like Metal Gear Solid, ex­cept first per­son. I’m cap­tured in this re­mote un­der­ground base in the Arctic and my evil twin has just switched my mind from my re­al body to the body of his ex-lover. So my re­al body is strapped to a ta­ble and he is do­ing all of these tor­tur­ous things to it but I don’t care be­cause I can’t feel it, al­though I am sort of wor­ried that my body isn’t go­ing to work too well once I get it back. I ex­plain this to the evil twin, but I have a hard time con­trol­ling my new body be­cause my mind isn’t used to it. My pro­nun­ci­a­tion sounds like a men­tal­ly re­tard­ed per­son and my sense of bal­ance is way off since the new body is much small­er than my old one. My stom­ach area on my re­al body is made from some sort of sap­phire-like ma­te­r­i­al and my evil twin is now com­plete­ly made of the same sub­stance. I mouth off and piss him off and he tries to kill me. I’m in a cor­ner by a door and he keeps try­ing to nin­ja kick me in the up­per body. He keeps miss­ing be­cause I’m about a foot small­er than him in my new body. Every time he miss­es I tell him that he missed and he just gets more pissed. Suddenly I yank open the door and shove him out. His arm is still stick­ing through and try­ing to get me so I slam the door on it, and part of the blue crys­tal stuff breaks off. He with­draws his arm and I slam the door shut. I pull a vend­ing ma­chine [where the hell did it come from?] in front of the door and tie it to the door. My in­tent is to get my mind back in­to my orig­i­nal body. Unfortunately, now the door opens from the oth­er side and in the oth­er di­rec­tion so Evil Twin can just push it in eas­i­ly. I rush out past him and sprint down the hall when I get tran­quil­ized by Evil Twin’s new lover. That’s all I’ve got.

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Adam!
    My B-day is on Thursday — but I have to work Friday so not cel­e­brat­ing to much…

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