25th Birthday

I turned 24 a few days ago and it doesn’t seem much different than 23. Although my back is a bit stiff. I had a pretty low-key birthday, just like I wanted. As of now the gifts I have received include: 1 9oz bar of Malley’s Dark Chocolate, 1 standard wall clock, coolly altered into a Don Hertzfeldt wall clock and the original Metroid for my Nintendo.

Saturday, my actual birthday was spent briefly at the West Side Market, where I picked up some yams and mutant huge blackberries [which aren’t nearly as good as wild ones] and mushrooms. Then I nabbed a couple of Cornish game hens for Thanksgiving dinner when my mom comes up later this week. Adelphia came out and “hooked up my cable box” except that I still don’t have internet access. So I called and rescheduled them to come in tomorrow. I am frustrated with their crappiness. We had band practice and I got to hear the roughcut of the new song and I also had a lima bean and onion soup which [since I hate both lima beans and onions] was surprisingly tasty. Then I went over to another friend’s house for poker night where much pizza was eaten and I ended up taking home the huge pot of $4.

Sunday I did some preliminary Christmas shopping, didn’t end up buying anything, but I got some ideas. I also ate at La Bodega which is about a block away from my place. It was tasty.

Now, on to dreams. I had some crazy ones last night. The less weird one first.

I picked up the redhaired girl from work in at Mace’s grocery store [the shittiest grocery store ever to grace Connersville, and the one I got caught stealing from when I was five or six but that is another story] and drove her to some general purpose community building where I had to convince her to walk down some steps. Then a friend of mine who plays rugby comes out of a door next to me and is pissed because I didn’t come to see her recital. I explained to her that when she had told me she was going to a recital, I didn’t know that she was going to be performing. I asked her what she had done and it turns out she is a part of a yodeling group called the Yodeling Yodelers or the Yodeling Yoders.

The second dream is a rarely reoccurring one that I probably only have two or three times a year. It is sort of like Metal Gear Solid, except first person. I’m captured in this remote underground base in the Arctic and my evil twin has just switched my mind from my real body to the body of his ex-lover. So my real body is strapped to a table and he is doing all of these torturous things to it but I don’t care because I can’t feel it, although I am sort of worried that my body isn’t going to work too well once I get it back. I explain this to the evil twin, but I have a hard time controlling my new body because my mind isn’t used to it. My pronunciation sounds like a mentally retarded person and my sense of balance is way off since the new body is much smaller than my old one. My stomach area on my real body is made from some sort of sapphire-like material and my evil twin is now completely made of the same substance. I mouth off and piss him off and he tries to kill me. I’m in a corner by a door and he keeps trying to ninja kick me in the upper body. He keeps missing because I’m about a foot smaller than him in my new body. Every time he misses I tell him that he missed and he just gets more pissed. Suddenly I yank open the door and shove him out. His arm is still sticking through and trying to get me so I slam the door on it, and part of the blue crystal stuff breaks off. He withdraws his arm and I slam the door shut. I pull a vending machine [where the hell did it come from?] in front of the door and tie it to the door. My intent is to get my mind back into my original body. Unfortunately, now the door opens from the other side and in the other direction so Evil Twin can just push it in easily. I rush out past him and sprint down the hall when I get tranquilized by Evil Twin’s new lover. That’s all I’ve got.

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