The Big Wigs™ are here today for a powow with my boss’s boss. The actual President of the Company™ is here with an Infinite Coterie™ of Vice Presidents of Sometherorother™. The President of the Company™ is still a rather small part of the Bigger Company That Oversees All™. So I am not even a Cog™, really. I am nought more than a Tooth™ on a Cog™. Depressing™, I suppose.

But at least they gave us a Keen Little Glass Mug That Is Too Small To Be Of Any Use™.

3 thoughts on “BigWigs

  1. Of course, I forgot all about this, so I’m dressed as a slouchy slouch.

    I also, now, have 3 (!) coffee mugs at my desk, making me look like some sort of addict.

    At least these are better than the ones they gave last year. They weren’t even West mugs, they were for the Botanical Garden! I assume they got a lot of them for almost nothing.

  2. You got a mug last year? Gee, they must not like me much…but this little glass jobbie this year, hey, it must have cost them at least 30 cents.

  3. Well, KM was the one handing them out. So I can assume you are a Analytical Team member then?

    Yea, you should have seen my 3 year watch. It arrived broken, didn’t work.

    Much like myself, I guess 😉

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