The Big Wigs™ are here to­day for a powow with my boss’s boss. The ac­tu­al President of the Company™ is here with an Infinite Coterie™ of Vice Presidents of Sometherorother™. The President of the Company™ is still a rather small part of the Bigger Company That Oversees All™. So I am not even a Cog™, re­al­ly. I am nought more than a Tooth™ on a Cog™. Depressing™, I sup­pose.

But at least they gave us a Keen Little Glass Mug That Is Too Small To Be Of Any Use™.

3 thoughts on “BigWigs

  1. Of course, I for­got all about this, so I’m dressed as a slouchy slouch.

    I al­so, now, have 3 (!) cof­fee mugs at my desk, mak­ing me look like some sort of ad­dict.

    At least these are bet­ter than the ones they gave last year. They weren’t even West mugs, they were for the Botanical Garden! I as­sume they got a lot of them for al­most noth­ing.

  2. You got a mug last year? Gee, they must not like me much…but this lit­tle glass job­bie this year, hey, it must have cost them at least 30 cents.

  3. Well, KM was the one hand­ing them out. So I can as­sume you are a Analytical Team mem­ber then?

    Yea, you should have seen my 3 year watch. It ar­rived bro­ken, didn’t work. 

    Much like my­self, I guess 😉

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