I am finally and utterly moved in to my new place. I am constantly catching myself grinning like a fool as I observe my domain. I can actually walk from room to room I don’t have to use my bed as counterspace when cooking, after 6 years of owning my TV I am actually in a place that allows its internal antenna [a heretofore mythical beast] to pick up a few channels. I have a couch to sprawl on. I still don’t have a table to eat on, but that will come.

I was a mummy for Halloween. It was a very easy costume to make, even though I kept falling apart [appropriately I suppose]. I walked to a party down the street from my new place and a girl in a car catcalled me and said I had nice legs. On my way home from the party a girl on a porch told me I should come sit with them. I didn’t although I probably should have. I was exhausted from moving stuff from Indiana to my new place. It had taken all day.

I’m not going to have internet access at home for several weeks it appears. The cable company is just really slow about installing the stuff apparently. I have a cut on my thumb and a doctor’s appointment today.