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I flip on the boob tube ear­ly in the morn­ings to catch the weath­er, since I’m still with­out inter­net access. As I have sam­pled each net­work it has occurred to me that every sta­tion has its own jerky quirky thing going on.

One sta­tion has a Katie Couric look-a-like with a glassy voice, some oth­er sta­tion has this bic-bald traf­fic guy that wears a flight suit with the sleeves rolled up to show his guns and who has this com­plete­ly affect­ed i’m-a-fighter-pilot tone in his voice. Anoth­er some oth­er sta­tion always ends a new broad­cast in the morn­ing with a “thanks for being with us today.” Except, the girls say­ing it says it like “thanks for being [wink wink wink] with us today.

And the weath­er reports are always real­ly shit­ty. Makes me miss Indi­anapo­lis sta­tions.

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