Today I am wearing my grandfather’s cufflinks. I need a pocketwatch, zippo, money clip and an old fashioned shaving razor and kit and then my collection of malephernalia will be complete. Cufflinks are pretty hard to put on by yourself. We’ve got this potluck lunch thing going on today at work, I volunteered to bring in some dessert and I decided to make brownies. I made one batch from scratch Sunday evening.

Brownies take just as long to make from scratch as they do from a box. The first batch I made with semi-sweet morsels. It took significantly longer to cook them than the recipe said, I ended up pulling them out earlier anyway, because I like slightly undercooked brownies. I made the second batch after a date last night from dark chocolate morsels. Once again it took a lot longer to bake than I had expected. They look tastier, but perhaps that is purely psychological since I like dark chocolate so much.

Hopefully when I leave work today I will have internet access at my home. If this blessed event does in fact occur, the site will likely disappear sometime this weekend and reappear after Thanksgiving. I like this design, so I’ll probably just tweak it a bit, perhaps bringing back the sideblog since I’ve gotten two complaints since it disappeared. I’ll likely upgrade to MovableType 3.x which means I’ll only be allowed one blog instead of the two I have currently. I think I can workaround this using the category attribute, but I’m sure all of you find that very exciting.

I had a slow leak in one of my tires which I discovered Sunday and got fixed yesterday,a 2 ½” nail was stuck in the thing. I honestly don’t know why I have such poor luck with tires. After work today I am going to attempt to get my emissions checked and new plates perhaps. I’m meeting some coworkers later after work at Edison’s for pizza and brews. If all goes well I might decide to let those coworkers be my friends.

I think I have a wisdom tooth coming in. This large vestigial molar will replace one of my baby-molars which was removed with no permanent replacement. It has been a while since I’ve been teething. It is not much fun.

There is this cartoon on WVIZ in the morning that I’ve been watching little snippets of as I get ready for work. It is called Maya & Miguel and it drives me nuts with its politically correctness. First of all, it is bilingual, Spanish/English and it sort of teaches you bits of Spanish as it goes along. Everyone is always friendly and wholesome life lessons are always learned. The kids at school are perfectly diverse. There is an Asian girl, a black boy, a white boy who is missing an arm, on and on. Crazy methodical.

I think sometimes I only write stuff so I can use crazy big words or made up words.