Potato Chip Comparison

I have purchased two brands of potato chips from the vending machine. Hooters™ Hot Wing Flavored Potato Chips, and Snyder’s of Hanover Hot! Buffalo Wing Potato Chips. Herein lies a comparison.

Hooters™ Hot Wing Flavored Potato Chips don’t taste much like anything but hotness, I feel that they are probably just doused in chemical spiciness. The aftertaste does provide something akin to a hint of buffalo wingness. The chips themselves were typical scrap barrel of the potato pile quality, they were of middling crispiness and standard greasiness. They chips do not adversely affect my breath. The back of a bag has a short history of the Hooters™ franchise and the nutrition information. A one ounce bag contains 150 calories, 10 grams of fat, 260mg of sodium and 4% Vitamin A. They are vegetarian, but not vegan.

Snyder’s of Hanover Hot! Buffalo Wing Potato Chips are ridged. They do, in fact have a smoky chickeny flavor to them. Sort of like BBQ flavored Chiken-in-a-Biskit. They are a bit more barbecuey than a hot buffalo wing and have a mildly cheesy aftertaste. The chips themselves, since ridged are most likely made from potato sweepings and are quite suspect. They were crispy and very light on the grease. They make my breath reek. The back of the bag reads “Imagine a plate of sizzling chicken wings smothered in tangy hot sauce!” and the nutrition information. A one ounce bag contains 150 calories, 7 grams of fat, 340mg of sodium and 0% Vitamin A. They are neither vegetarian nor vegan.


Avoid these chips at all costs. This has been a 90 cent food review. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Potato Chip Comparison

  1. Dude have you seen the Rap snack potatoe chips? Lil’ Bow Wow and Missy Elliot have their own chips it is rediculous…..oh my blog is up again. I am posting intelligent stuff now….

  2. I just discovered TARGET’s Archer Farms Buffalo Wing flavor http://www.taquitos.net/snacks.php?snack_code=1248 and I’m in LOVE! They make them with real chicken, and they don’t wreck ’em with too much sugar like some other hot chips.

    They were so good that my first reaction was to try dipping them in Bleu Cheese dressing, and the effect was wonderful. More authentic Buffalo Wing flavor than most of the actual chicken wings I can get here in MD.

    The flavor of H00TERS Hot Wing flavor is maybe a little better (I’m surprised you found them so awful), but the kettle-style crunch of these more than makes up for that very slight difference, and lets the chip hold up to dipping in Bleu Cheese or Ranch dip/dressing.

    Now if I can just find Beef on Weck flavor!

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