Thanksgiving Weekend Food

My moth­er came up this past week­end and saw the new place. We had Thanksgiving din­ner with my friend from work, Lauren and it turned out pret­ty well. I roast­ed Cornish game hens with red pota­toes and as­para­gus, bast­ed in a lemon-gar­lic mix­ture, Mom made some scal­loped yams and brought her pump­kin and fa­mous pecan pies; and Lauren brought a Hungarian dish called Mushroom Paprikash, which is hearty and tasty and sort of like a stroganoff.

Friday I took Mom ’round town and she bought me a bunch of stuff for the apart­ment. I now have an ef­fec­tive knife set and a blender and mix­ing bowls and new sheets. We ate lunch down the street from my place at La Bodega, I had the Southwestern Sub, which was spicy and tasty [the Cajun herbs made the sam­mich but aren’t re­al­ly south­west­ern] and my mom had the Mediterranean sub [which I ate the rest of the oth­er day].

That night I took her out for sushi, some­thing she’d nev­er had be­fore, and though she seemed a bit out of sorts, she did mar­vel­lous­ly. We split a three roll at Pacific East. We got the Sweet Potato roll, the Boston roll [shrimp, boston let­tuce, av­o­ca­do, ?] and the Ichiban roll [salmon, eel, cu­cum­ber, av­o­ca­do and fish roe].

She left Saturday af­ter be­ing ap­pro­pri­ate­ly im­pressed by the West Side Market. We got a rasp­ber­ry strudel there for break­fast.

Last night I made Mushroom Pike Chowder, my own in­ven­tion, and corn­bread.

4 Red Potatoes, diced
3 Garlic Cloves, minced [use 2 if you make this]
12 pound of bor­ing mush­rooms
2 Northern Pike filets
1 can cream of mush­room soup
1 can evap­o­rat­ed milk
frozen sweet corn
frozen peas
cilantro, salt, pep­per to taste

Take the skin off of the fish and soak the filets in some wa­ter with a bit of lemon in it. If the fish is frozen it will be thawed in about an hour. Dice it, drain it, and put it on a pa­per-tow­elled plate to soak up ex­tra fishi­ness. [Pike are damn fishy].

Put just enough wa­ter in a pot to cov­er the pota­toes and put it on the stove on high heat un­til it just starts to boil. Then chuck in the evap­o­rat­ed milk and cream of mush­room soup. Stir vig­or­ous­ly. Dump in every­thing but the fish. Simmer for a bit. When you put the corn­bread in the oven, drain the fish one more time for good mea­sure and then stir them in­to the chow­der. Simmer some more.

It will all be done at the same time. Watch out for Y-bones in the fish.

[Note for next time: Use less gar­lic and no cream of mush­room]