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The Changeling Sea

I finished reading my first Christmas book today. The Changeling Sea by Patricia McKillip. Despite the fact that she writes fantasy aimed at a mainly female audience she remains one of my favorite fantasy authors.

Blizzard 2004

Driving home on Wednesday was the worst idea ever. It took me twenty-two hours to drive from Cleveland to Connersville. I was doing okay until I got just past Dayton. Then I was stopped in my tracks on the Interstate for 10 hours.

Ocean’s 12

I saw Ocean’s 12 last night with Liam and Anne. Perhaps the last time I will see them before they move to NYC. Anyway, Ocean’s 12 is all edge and no teeth. If Ocean’s Eleven [O11] is an intelligent, sophisticated, mysterious and beautiful French woman, then Ocean’s 12 [O12] is a dumb nymphomaniac sorority girl. […]

Drunken Santa’s Christmas Party

I was at a party this past weekend and at this party I consumed enough alcohol to become intoxicated. I have not been intoxicated for quite some time. There was turtle cheesecake, Dutch spice cake with tasty Dutch spread, Christmas cookies of several varieties, Double Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies [made by me] and dancing […]


I am pretty consistently pulled in two distinct directions. In one, I feel that my life should be full of celebrity and glory. That I should be famous and contribute to the betterment of mankind. It rejects the comfort and mundanity of working a normal job and living a normal life.

Elementary Christmas Program

When I was at St. Gabriel’s for elementary school we would always put on a Christmas program right before Christmas break. This was a big to-do; weeks and weeks were spent in preparation for it. Each class had its own set of songs to sing, arranged by our music teacher.

Groundhog Dream #1

I was dreaming last night that I was falling from a certain height over and over and over and over and over and over again. Falling and landing, hard; a belly flop onto the ground. I felt a bit bruised, I must admit. I often have dream where I am injured, tortured or even killed. […]


I went to Hilarities last night and laughed at some comedians. The first guy looked like a punk/hardass and his shtick sort of played off that by undermining it. The second guy was lame [apart from some jokes about toilet paper and his last name, Northern] and the third guy, Tom Ryan was expectedly the […]

Drunken Barber

I received a haircut yesterday. I think the barber was drunk. I’d never been to this place before. Joe’s Barbershop in Lakewood. Right next to the crappiest fencing club in Cleveland. I walk in and the place is dead quiet. Empty.

Feliz Navidad

The worst Christmas song in the world is Feliz Navidad. I had hoped to make it through the holiday season without hearing its Nutra-Sweet™ world-music, Broadway-Elvis pastiche, but my plans were most cruelly foiled yesterday at the post office.

Kamikaze Chews

My quest to make homemade Little Debbie Star Crunch™ started off yesterday. As far as I can tell, Star Crunch is puffed rice, caramel and a chocolate coating. They are gooey and delicious. My own foray turned out to be pretty tasty, but much chewier than gooier. If you’ve ever had a Charleston Chew, then […]

Homily – Hope

Advent is the time in the church calendar when we are supposed to look ahead, in expectation, in hope for redemption. Today at church, the priest, whose homilies are very lulling, gave me a bit of food for thought about hope. He described hope as a center from which two possible bastard [he didn’t say […]

Christmas Shopping

I have mostly completed my Christmas shopping for this year. All I have left to buy are stocking stuffers and some random stuff for the person at work for whom I am a Secret Santa. I’m really in the Christmas spirit this year. I feel that I have a firmer grip on my life than […]

No More Verbal Impotence

I uploaded all of my poetry last night. Verbal Impotence no longer exists, I’ve just got them shoved into a subcategory on the main site. I don’t like any of my poems. Some are just blobs of words, some are too mental, some just plain suck. Still, they need wrenched from me every now and […]