Groundhog Dream #1

I was dream­ing last night that I was falling from a cer­tain height over and over and over and over and over and over again. Falling and land­ing, hard; a bel­ly flop onto the ground. I felt a bit bruised, I must admit.

I often have dream where I am injured, tor­tured or even killed. Some­times the pain has a pur­pose behind it, like my recent body-switch­ing dream, but oth­er times, like last night’s falling dream, it has no con­ti­nu­ity or struc­ture at all. Most of the time I am pow­er­less and just have to expe­ri­ence the tor­ture or death or grav­i­ty in the most recent ver­sion.

What do these dreams mean? That I am a masochist? That I am rid­ding myself of guilt sub­con­scious­ly? That I am an ill juve­nile canine?

I bought some more crap for my apart­ment this week­end. I’ve got noth­ing else to say, real­ly.