Groundhog Dream #1

I was dreaming last night that I was falling from a certain height over and over and over and over and over and over again. Falling and landing, hard; a belly flop onto the ground. I felt a bit bruised, I must admit.

I often have dream where I am injured, tortured or even killed. Sometimes the pain has a purpose behind it, like my recent body-​switching dream, but other times, like last night’s falling dream, it has no continuity or structure at all. Most of the time I am powerless and just have to experience the torture or death or gravity in the most recent version.

What do these dreams mean? That I am a masochist? That I am ridding myself of guilt subconsciously? That I am an ill juvenile canine?

I bought some more crap for my apartment this weekend. I’ve got nothing else to say, really.

3 thoughts on “Groundhog Dream #1

  1. Perhaps it means that you feel your life situations all have the same result. Falling, getting hurt, and then getting up again to have the instance repeat.

    Maybe it means you aren’t learning from your mistakes the first time, and thus every situation has the same result.

    Or maybe it just means that you feel trapped in some cycle you are powerless to stop.

    Or maybe it means I should never attempt to interpret dreams, because I am awful at it.

  2. It means you should be wary when wandering out on ledges/​cliffs.

    You could be afraid of heights?

    The pain in the dream could be a release of some sort of pent up frustration/​anger that you feel during the day?

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