I went to Hilar­i­ties last night and laughed at some come­di­ans. The first guy looked like a punk/hardass and his shtick sort of played off that by under­min­ing it. The sec­ond guy was lame [apart from some jokes about toi­let paper and his last name, North­ern] and the third guy, Tom Ryan was expect­ed­ly the most pro­fes­sion­al.

Part of his act men­tioned infomer­cials and how appar­ent­ly there have been some “break­throughs in hang­er tech­nol­o­gy.” Then he men­tioned how you always see some­one using a nor­mal hang­er and get­ting all frus­trat­ed with it, being buried under a pile of hang­ers and so forth.

Now, this is a bla­tant ripoff from my friend Ward. Back when I was a fresh­man he said almost the exact­ly same thing except in ref­er­ence to socks. Imgaine an infomer­cial for the new UltraSock. Of course there is going to be a scene where you hear “Tired of not being able to tell how to put a sock on? Well…” and a shot of some­one fail­ing to put on a nor­mal sock and get­ting utter­ly frus­trat­ed at it. Ahh. I miss col­lege.

In oth­er news, I saw an old guy with a hair­lip the oth­er day. Not a hare­lip, but a hair­lip. That is, he had facial hair only around his lips. Not a soul’stache or a mous­tache but a thin enough line to leave the upper lip bare and the chin exposed but hair cov­er­ing the lips. It was gross. He seri­ous­ly looked like he had lips made of hair. You couldn’t see real lip at all. The rest of his face was smooth-shaven. Look at some dude with­out facial hair and then pic­ture that their lips are made from brown hair. Yick.