I went to Hilarities last night and laughed at some comedians. The first guy looked like a punk/​hardass and his shtick sort of played off that by undermining it. The second guy was lame [apart from some jokes about toilet paper and his last name, Northern] and the third guy, Tom Ryan was expectedly the most professional.

Part of his act mentioned infomercials and how apparently there have been some “breakthroughs in hanger technology.” Then he mentioned how you always see someone using a normal hanger and getting all frustrated with it, being buried under a pile of hangers and so forth.

Now, this is a blatant ripoff from my friend Ward. Back when I was a freshman he said almost the exactly same thing except in reference to socks. Imgaine an infomercial for the new UltraSock. Of course there is going to be a scene where you hear “Tired of not being able to tell how to put a sock on? Well…” and a shot of someone failing to put on a normal sock and getting utterly frustrated at it. Ahh. I miss college.

In other news, I saw an old guy with a hairlip the other day. Not a harelip, but a hairlip. That is, he had facial hair only around his lips. Not a soul’stache or a moustache but a thin enough line to leave the upper lip bare and the chin exposed but hair covering the lips. It was gross. He seriously looked like he had lips made of hair. You couldn’t see real lip at all. The rest of his face was smooth-​shaven. Look at some dude without facial hair and then picture that their lips are made from brown hair. Yick.

2 thoughts on “Infomercial

  1. As soon as I read the hanger thing, I knew where his joke was going…this Tom Ryan guy is ripping off my material!

    Good memory Harvey.

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