Kamikaze Chews

My quest to make homemade Little Debbie Star Crunch™ started off yesterday. As far as I can tell, Star Crunch is puffed rice, caramel and a chocolate coating. They are gooey and delicious. My own foray turned out to be pretty tasty, but much chewier than gooier. If you’ve ever had a Charleston Chew, then that is the level of chewiness we are dealing with here. Recipe as follows:

16oz caramels
12oz chocolate morsels
an unknown amount of puffed rice [Rice Krispies]

Melt the caramels in a double boiler. That is, boil water in a big pot and put the caramels in a smaller pot within the boiling water. This will take for-​freakin-​ever. Once the caramels soften, you can mash ‘em together and stir them about to speed up the melting process. They probably won’t completely liquify, so when you think they are as good as they get dump in some puffed rice and stir it together. Dump in more puffed rice and stir some more. When you’ve got an evenly mixed half-​rice half-​caramel concoction going, start making mud pies out of the stuff. It will likely be hardening again so work quickly and put the patties on wax paper to cool. If you make them half dollar sized you should get a couple dozen. If you make them Adam-​sized you’ll get a half dozen.

Now double boil the chocolate. This will be so much faster than the caramels that you will be amazed, even if you’ve double boiled chocolate many times. Dip the caramel-​rice patties in the chocolate and put ‘em back on the wax paper to cool.

A couple hours later they will be fully consumable. They would be amazingly awesome if they weren’t so chewy, so in the future I’m going to make them bite-​sized.