No More Verbal Impotence

I up­loaded all of my po­etry last night. Verbal Impotence no longer ex­ists, I’ve just got them shoved into a sub­cat­e­gory on the main site. I don’t like any of my po­ems. Some are just blobs of words, some are too men­tal, some just plain suck. Still, they need wrenched from me every now and then. And pretty much every one of them has at least one turn of phrase or sound con­struc­tion that makes me feel good. Maybe that is why there are so many weak spots in the po­ems. Because every­thing sur­round­ing the smidgen that I like was nec­es­sary to pull forth that smidgen.

In any case, they are eas­ily found, and al­though I have to re­order the cat­e­gories a lit­tle bit, they will mostly stay where they are.

One thought on “No More Verbal Impotence

  1. like most writ­ers, you are too hard on your­self. Your po­ems are good; I like them any­way.

    re­gard­less, your thoughts about the need to write are tren­chant.

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