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Thermodynamics, Quackery and What We’ve Maybe Missed

The heat death of the uni­verse as framed through the 2nd law of ther­mo­dy­nam­ics prob­a­bly makes such thoughts as I have been try­ing to have late­ly quite impos­si­ble, but the Wikipedia man­ages to toss in just enough doubt [string the­o­ry!] on the sub­ject that I’ll go ahead and hash out what­ev­er the hell it is that I’ve been think­ing. I wish I knew more physics.
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Awhile back a friend of mine told me how I could sign up for the North­east Ohio Per­form­ing Arts List­serv [NEo­hioPAL]. A gen­tle­man named Fred Stern­feld main­tains it, and mem­bers of the list­serv send in events in which they are involved, audi­tions, cast­ing calls, free or dis­count shows, you name it. It is heav­i­ly the­atre-cen­tric but also has crew calls for films and poet­ry and oth­er groovi­ness. It has over 37 hun­dred mem­bers and best of all, it is free and deliv­ered dai­ly to your inbox. If you want to know more, read the FAQ.