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T.D. & Son Barber Shop

After spending three hours at H&R Block on Saturday, figuring out my taxes with the guy there, I needed a nice bit of relaxation. I also needed a haircut. So I finally tracked down this heretofore unnamed but very well recommended barber shop on Madison in Lakewood and when I went to The Greatest Barber […]


My album is back online and severely culled. You can get to it through the general info page as well. Rock on. Update: Oops. I forgot to mention that you must allow javascripts on your browser for the album to work. Peace.

Thermodynamics, Quackery and What We’ve Maybe Missed

The heat death of the universe as framed through the 2nd law of thermodynamics probably makes such thoughts as I have been trying to have lately quite impossible, but the Wikipedia manages to toss in just enough doubt [string theory!] on the subject that I’ll go ahead and hash out whatever the hell it is […]

Appetite Moustache

I just polished off a bag of bourbon brownies in about a minute. My appetite is just as, er, healthy as it was when I was in high school. This is a mixed blessing. I seem to be physically incapable of putting on weight, but I’m also always ravenous. That is not much fun.


Awhile back a friend of mine told me how I could sign up for the Northeast Ohio Performing Arts Listserv [NEohioPAL]. A gentleman named Fred Sternfeld maintains it, and members of the listserv send in events in which they are involved, auditions, casting calls, free or discount shows, you name it. It is heavily theatre-centric […]

A Very Long Engagement

A Very Long Engagement [Un long dimanche de fiançailles] is a very long engagement indeed. Way too long. About 45 minutes too long. Watching the movie is like eating a plain baguette, It is sort of tasty when you start but you get tired of it long before the end.

Movie Fest

I had some friends over on Saturday for movies. We ordered Big Guy’s Pizza and watched some real raspberries in the world of cinema. Two reviews lie after the jump. We watched four, but I’m not going to review the ones I’d already seen.

Blackout Stout

I had The Great Lakes Brewing Company‘s latest concoction last night, the Blackout Stout. I don’t know much about beer, but stouts are my favorite, and I truly appreciate a place that can pour a good pint of Guinness. Here is a link to people who seem to actually know what they are talking about […]

El Loani Studenten

Since it seems almost unanimous that interest rates are going to rise the next time the Feds get together I decided to re-consolidate my student loans at a fixed rate instead of the variable it is currently running on. Boring stuff.

Blogger Meetup

I went to the Cleveland Blogger Meetup last night. It wasn’t quite what I expected it to be because it exceeded my expectations. I was, of course, the youngest buck there, but the discussion that took place has inspired me to mildly but significantly change my present style of blogging into something a bit more […]

Stunt Doubles

These folks look alike and it creeps me out. These photo comparisons aren’t the best, but they were the best I could do with a bit of googling.

Peachy Pork Chops

I made some damn tasty pork chops last night, and if the rice turned out a bit mushy for my taste, I managed to hide it a bit behind some butter, paprika and basil. The pork chops though, were just peachy. If you try this recipe you will definitely makeout like a bandit.

Red Tape

It is hard for me to motivate myself to do things when I get home from work. Things like call RITA and ask questions about my taxes, call a dentist or optometrist to schedule appointments, do research and apply to take classes to get my teaching license.


On Friday I went to a Cool Cleveland event and then saw the Momix dance group put on a modern dance performance entitled Opus Cactus. I’d never been to a dance performance before and this particular one was a good cherry-popper.

Another Question Day

Ask me questions and I’ll answer ’em. Can’t really come up with anything worth writing. [Questions from people named RayRay will not be answered].

Hotel Rwanda

I went to the Cedar Lee last night and saw Hotel Rwanda. It was even heavier than I expected it to be and it definitely bore a bit of discussion with my friend and a bit more thought now. You can listen to an NPR interview with Don Cheadle here. Spoilers within.


I played Othello last night with a friend. I’ve never actually played the game against another person, usually I’ve only played it on the computer [and always gotten wailed on]. It is much more fun playing with an actual person, especially if a little wine has greased the old headgears. So today I will inundate […]

Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson

I finished Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson this morning because I woke up at 5am, for no reason, for the third consecutive day. It is a “novel in verse” and a blending of Greek myth and contemporary life.

Poor Things by Alisdair Gray

What a curious book. This guy is layered a bit like an onion and there really isn’t any reason to trust anyone who claims anything in the entire book. The humor is droll, very Scotch, and the type that makes you want to smack the people upside the head for being goofballs. It was an […]

Top 10 Movie Badasses

Here is a Top 10 list of my favorite movie badasses. These folks are hardcore invincible types. No animated characters and no superheros. I have eliminated movies where folks are more than just badass. So if there is someone missing from the list that you think should be there, it is either because I haven’t […]

Three Rapid Book Reviews

I’m almost finished with all of the books I received for Christmas. I currently have around 75 pages left to read in Alisdair Gray’s Poor Things and then I have to read Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson and I will be without reading material once again. Here is what I read while my site […]

Hosting Changes

I finally changed my hosting since the old host, logjamming was being so crotchety. I probably should’ve switched long ago when I got hacked. Now I am with 34sp, which offers dirt cheap and much better hosting than logjamming.