Appetite Moustache

I just pol­ished off a bag of bour­bon brown­ies in about a minute. My appetite is just as, er, healthy as it was when I was in high school. This is a mixed bless­ing. I seem to be phys­i­cal­ly inca­pable of putting on weight, but I’m also always rav­en­ous. That is not much fun.

I have learned to con­trol it, so I can go for a day or so with­out eat­ing and not be undu­ly dis­com­fit­ed. The hunger is just a bit more extreme and a bit hard­er to abate when I eat next. Every­thing I eat is pret­ty high calo­rie stuff and it just turns to ash and dis­ap­pears when it becomes interred with­in the incin­er­a­tor that is my diges­tive sys­tem. The eas­i­est way to dis­tract my appetite is to offer me lit­tle vari­ety. If a steak is too big, I’ll get bored and won’t want to eat it any­more. Besides, I’ve nev­er been that good at mas­ti­cat­ing red meat. What a bor­ing entry.

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  • Well, I hope that Lau­ren helped you, at least a lit­tle bit. That was almost 1/4 batch of brown­ies in that bag.

  • Sor­ry, but you’ll get no sym­pa­thy fom me. I have to total­ly watch what I eat, log every­thing, keep it real­ly low calo­rie, and work out every day to keep myself from hov­er­ing around 40 pounds over­weight…

  • Yea, the dif­fer­ence is that Adam is a freg­gin *hog*. He’s the kind of guy that’s simul­ta­ne­ous­ly nice to feed and frus­trat­ing. Because, he likes eat­ing, but he also will just suck about any­thing down into that pie hole, so you nev­er know if it’s real­ly good (or when he’ll stop) 😉

  • I think I could con­tin­u­ous­ly eat all day and not gain that much weight. I like food, and eat­ing, but feel as if I am con­stant­ly hun­gry.

    The prob­lem is that, usu­al­ly, some­thing (men­tal) stops me from eat­ing before I can get com­plete­ly, over the top full. So I will eat until I am com­fort­able and stop. This means I am usu­al­ly hun­gry again less than an hour lat­er.

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