Appetite Moustache

I just polished off a bag of bourbon brownies in about a minute. My appetite is just as, er, healthy as it was when I was in high school. This is a mixed blessing. I seem to be physically incapable of putting on weight, but I’m also always ravenous. That is not much fun.

I have learned to control it, so I can go for a day or so without eating and not be unduly discomfited. The hunger is just a bit more extreme and a bit harder to abate when I eat next. Everything I eat is pretty high calorie stuff and it just turns to ash and disappears when it becomes interred within the incinerator that is my digestive system. The easiest way to distract my appetite is to offer me little variety. If a steak is too big, I’ll get bored and won’t want to eat it anymore. Besides, I’ve never been that good at masticating red meat. What a boring entry.

6 thoughts on “Appetite Moustache

  1. Well, I hope that Lauren helped you, at least a little bit. That was almost 1/4 batch of brownies in that bag.

  2. Sorry, but you’ll get no sympathy fom me. I have to totally watch what I eat, log everything, keep it really low calorie, and work out every day to keep myself from hovering around 40 pounds overweight…

  3. Yea, the difference is that Adam is a freggin *hog*. He’s the kind of guy that’s simultaneously nice to feed and frustrating. Because, he likes eating, but he also will just suck about anything down into that pie hole, so you never know if it’s really good (or when he’ll stop) 😉

  4. I think I could continuously eat all day and not gain that much weight. I like food, and eating, but feel as if I am constantly hungry.

    The problem is that, usually, something (mental) stops me from eating before I can get completely, over the top full. So I will eat until I am comfortable and stop. This means I am usually hungry again less than an hour later.

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