Blackout Stout

I had The Great Lakes Brewing Company’s lat­est con­coc­tion last night, the Blackout Stout. I don’t know much about beer, but stouts are my fa­vorite, and I tru­ly ap­pre­ci­ate a place that can pour a good pint of Guinness. Here is a link to peo­ple who seem to ac­tu­al­ly know what they are talk­ing about when they re­view the Blackout Stout. Mine is af­ter the jump.

It was okay, but I got bored with it. The taste was pret­ty sub­tle, no re­al pow­er­ful oaty or choco­latey taste like Guinness. It didn’t even taste all that al­co­holic to me, for all that it is 9.0% by vol­ume. Granted I had it from a bot­tle, so a draft ex­pe­ri­ence would most like­ly pro­vide a bet­ter ex­am­ple of what it should taste like. In any case, it was still a de­cent brew, but I’d pre­fer a Guinness or a Young’s over the Blackout Stout. Who knows, it might grow on me though.

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  1. For oth­er stouts, might I rec­om­mend Mackeson’s Stout. It’s rel­a­tive­ly cheap (6.99 for a six-pack, on av­er­age), has a re­al­ly nice choco­late­ly taste and is pret­ty smooth. I used to buy it all the time. 

    The Bell’s Brewery al­so makes an *ex­ten­sive* line of Stouts. Granted, most are in the high­er price range (9.99 for a six-pack), but I’ve nev­er had a bad one. Granted, some I was less im­pressed with than oth­ers (their Java Stout didn’t do any­thing for me) but, over­all, they’re a good bet.

  2. I thought I linked to that site, but ap­par­ent­ly not. I’m such a weird beer drinker. The lighter it is, the more al­co­holic it tastes to me; and the gross­er.

    I’ll have to scrounge those oth­ers up some­time.

  3. You should al­so check out beer​ad​vo​cate​.com, one of my fa­vorite beer sites. They have a re­view of the Blackout Stout here:

    You speak as some­one who hasn’t tast­ed many beers (of high al­co­hol vol­ume) which do taste like it 😉 Often, it con­veys it­self in a very *sharp*, bit­ter taste. It’s kept me away from cer­tain brews, be­cause it can be so pun­gent and hard to get past. 

    Personally, I pre­fer a smoother brew (like the black­out) in that re­spect.

    If it’s worth the cost, I dun­no (at 9.99 for a 4 pack), but, to me, I’ve found it to be one of the finest brews Great Lakes (a true bless­ing to have in Cleveland) has pro­duced. Much bet­ter than their more pop Dortmunder (which nev­er did any­thing for me).

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