El Loani Studenten

Since it seems almost unanimous that interest rates are going to rise the next time the Feds get together I decided to re-​consolidate my student loans at a fixed rate instead of the variable it is currently running on. Boring stuff.

The upside of this is that my payments will be half of what they are currently, and though I still plan on paying more than even my current payments, the smaller bill will give me a bit more flexibility in my spending. So I’ll get that credit card paid off finally and be able to fork out cash to take classes to get my teacher’s license. So I’m pretty sure this is a good move on my part. I seem to have figured out all the little quirks that might end up shafting me, and have prepared for them.

And now, since I’ve given a futon away I can continue my search for a dinner table. I feel somewhat lame in the fact that these things are exciting to me. Maturity is lame I suppose. If I’m mature. I dunno, I’m going to drink some wine with a friend tonight and we’re going to engage in drunken college-​esque theorhetical explications. In theory. We might just end up eating spaghetti and watching PCU.