Hosting Changes

I final­ly changed my host­ing since the old host, log­jam­ming was being so crotch­ety. I prob­a­bly should’ve switched long ago when I got hacked. Now I am with 34sp, which offers dirt cheap and much bet­ter host­ing than log­jam­ming.

What kept me from switch­ing for so long is the fact that log­jam­ming hadn’t sent me a bill since I ini­tial­ly signed up three years ago. But final­ly, the lack of ade­quate tech sup­port and con­stant incon­ve­nienc­ing of my site’s usabil­i­ty due to their lack of suf­fi­cient prepa­ra­tion tilt­ed the scale to make me switch. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, due to some­thing they did to my pref­er­ences, I’ve lost the com­ments from the last two posts. I got noti­fi­ca­tion emails but noth­ing got saved on my site. But now things should run smooth­ly. I’ve got 150mb of disk space and 3gb of band­width a month. All for $38 bucks a year.

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  • hmm…I haven’t had much of a prob­lem from log­jam­ming, I think because my site is fair­ly bor­ing straight .html and isn’t as easy to find. Also, I went way way way over band­with like 300x too much and all I got was an email every day. I think they are too lazy to do much and my site isn’t on their main serv­er. I sus­pect that their busi­ness is just a cov­er for them to host their main site and make some mon­ey on the side?

  • yeah, they kept turn­ing off my com­ments and then dis­abled my php sup­port so noth­ing would rebuild itself. real­ly annoy­ing.

  • Glad to see you switched to some­thing else. That last host­ing company..well..I’ve *nev­er* known a com­pa­ny to get hacked as much as they did.

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