Hosting Changes

I finally changed my hosting since the old host, logjamming was being so crotchety. I probably should’ve switched long ago when I got hacked. Now I am with 34sp, which offers dirt cheap and much better hosting than logjamming.

What kept me from switching for so long is the fact that logjamming hadn’t sent me a bill since I initially signed up three years ago. But finally, the lack of adequate tech support and constant inconveniencing of my site’s usability due to their lack of sufficient preparation tilted the scale to make me switch. Unfortunately, due to something they did to my preferences, I’ve lost the comments from the last two posts. I got notification emails but nothing got saved on my site. But now things should run smoothly. I’ve got 150mb of disk space and 3gb of bandwidth a month. All for $38 bucks a year.

3 thoughts on “Hosting Changes

  1. hmm…I haven’t had much of a problem from logjamming, I think because my site is fairly boring straight .html and isn’t as easy to find. Also, I went way way way over bandwith like 300x too much and all I got was an email every day. I think they are too lazy to do much and my site isn’t on their main server. I suspect that their business is just a cover for them to host their main site and make some money on the side?

  2. Glad to see you switched to something else. That last hosting company..well..I’ve *never* known a company to get hacked as much as they did.

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