Movie Fest

I had some friends over on Saturday for movies. We or­dered Big Guy’s Pizza and watched some re­al rasp­ber­ries in the world of cin­e­ma. Two re­views lie af­ter the jump. We watched four, but I’m not go­ing to re­view the ones I’d al­ready seen.

Attack of the Killer Shrews was so bad it wasn’t even good. Here is a quick re­view. Here is a slight­ly longer one. It has noth­ing to do with this.

The gi­ant shrews are dog-sized. Get your head around that. Actually they are just dogs with shag car­pet­ing duct-taped to their backs. The to­ken black man is the first killed [of course] and I de­tect­ed a heavy dose of racism in the film. The black guy is named Rook Griswold. A rook is a big black cous­in of the crow. Then the dogshrews chase him up a tree, ef­fec­tive­ly “tree­ing a coon.” Then they knock down the tree and eat him. Meanwhile, back at the com­pound, no one won­ders why he is late. Stupid frig­gin’ movie. Unfortunately the racist over­tones are prob­a­bly the most co­her­ent part of the movie. The oth­er non-whitey gets it next. A Mexican named Mario who looks like Ron Jeremy. Then the sci­en­tist gets nib­bled on and poi­soned by the shrews, runs in­to the next room and keels over while typ­ing “For every ac­tion there is an equal and op­posi…” And the main sci­en­tist guy says with a note of pride “He did sci­ence to the last.” There is al­so this drunk guy who ba­si­cal­ly wigs out all the time. This movie is per­haps the dumb­est thing I have ever seen. I’m go­ing to stop writ­ing about it be­fore I get dumb­er­erer.

The Haunting was a much bet­ter flick, a hor­ror clas­sic in­deed. And the fact that Robert Wise di­rect­ed the thing im­me­di­ate­ly gave it a spe­cial place in my heart. It has some pret­ty in­tense cin­e­matog­ra­phy, which cou­pled with the heavy use of sound and doors that nev­er re­main open, do well to make things a bit eerie. I think it was Hitchcock [?] who said that the scari­est thing he could ever show peo­ple was a closed door. Anyway, there aren’t many spe­cial ef­fects, just some breath ef­fects and a ridicu­lous­ly amaz­ing scene where a door flex­es and bulges. The Haunting al­so has a sado­masochist les­bian sub­text and heavy mir­ror sym­bol­ism [which I think prob­a­bly has some­thing to do with re­flect­ing the oth­er­world­ly side of the house and the hid­den things in the minds of the char­ac­ters]. Apart from a wealth of hokey voice-over in­ner mono­logue the movie was great!

5 thoughts on “Movie Fest

  1. So what was the fourth movie I missed? I’m sor­ry, I should have left the DVD set with you to pe­ruse.

  2. As for “Attack of the Killer..” Yes, it was com­plete­ly aw­ful, but that’s what made it fun 🙂 Movies which ride the line in the mid­dle, those are the ones I can’t stand.

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