Movie Fest

I had some friends over on Sat­ur­day for movies. We ordered Big Guy’s Piz­za and watched some real rasp­ber­ries in the world of cin­e­ma. Two reviews lie after the jump. We watched four, but I’m not going to review the ones I’d already seen.

Attack of the Killer Shrews was so bad it wasn’t even good. Here is a quick review. Here is a slight­ly longer one. It has noth­ing to do with this.

The giant shrews are dog-sized. Get your head around that. Actu­al­ly they are just dogs with shag car­pet­ing duct-taped to their backs. The token black man is the first killed [of course] and I detect­ed a heavy dose of racism in the film. The black guy is named Rook Gris­wold. A rook is a big black cousin of the crow. Then the dogshrews chase him up a tree, effec­tive­ly “tree­ing a coon.” Then they knock down the tree and eat him. Mean­while, back at the com­pound, no one won­ders why he is late. Stu­pid frig­gin’ movie. Unfor­tu­nate­ly the racist over­tones are prob­a­bly the most coher­ent part of the movie. The oth­er non-whitey gets it next. A Mex­i­can named Mario who looks like Ron Jere­my. Then the sci­en­tist gets nib­bled on and poi­soned by the shrews, runs into the next room and keels over while typ­ing “For every action there is an equal and opposi…” And the main sci­en­tist guy says with a note of pride “He did sci­ence to the last.” There is also this drunk guy who basi­cal­ly wigs out all the time. This movie is per­haps the dumb­est thing I have ever seen. I’m going to stop writ­ing about it before I get dumb­er­erer.

The Haunt­ing was a much bet­ter flick, a hor­ror clas­sic indeed. And the fact that Robert Wise direct­ed the thing imme­di­ate­ly gave it a spe­cial place in my heart. It has some pret­ty intense cin­e­matog­ra­phy, which cou­pled with the heavy use of sound and doors that nev­er remain open, do well to make things a bit eerie. I think it was Hitch­cock [?] who said that the scari­est thing he could ever show peo­ple was a closed door. Any­way, there aren’t many spe­cial effects, just some breath effects and a ridicu­lous­ly amaz­ing scene where a door flex­es and bulges. The Haunt­ing also has a sado­masochist les­bian sub­text and heavy mir­ror sym­bol­ism [which I think prob­a­bly has some­thing to do with reflect­ing the oth­er­world­ly side of the house and the hid­den things in the minds of the char­ac­ters]. Apart from a wealth of hokey voice-over inner mono­logue the movie was great!

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