T.D. & Son Barber Shop

After spending three hours at H&R Block on Saturday, figuring out my taxes with the guy there, I needed a nice bit of relaxation. I also needed a haircut. So I finally tracked down this heretofore unnamed but very well recommended barber shop on Madison in Lakewood and when I went to The Greatest Barber Shop in the World: T.D. & Son Barber Shop.

The building is quite unassuming, and the son mentioned to me that the sign needed a new coat of paint, but apparently Lakewood is strange about that and you have to submit proposals and get approval before you even are allowed to take the thing down.

As soon as I walked in, I was threatened with the menacing “Good morning sir, go get a donut and some coffee in the back room.” So I grabbed a donut and took a seat, already liking the style of this place. Their magazine selection is perfect for the distinctly male space I expect from a barbershop. Hunting and fishing mags, sports mags, a few comic books, and general men’s fitness mags. Not a Redbook or even a Newsweek to be seen. They also had a Playstation and television set that you could play on if you wished. How fricking awesome is that?

I was 4th in line for a haircut, but the time passed by quickly as everyone in there was joking and bantering and having a fine old time. I caught on quickly and by the time I rolled around for a snip, was jousting merrily along with everyone else. A small boy was in there getting his 2nd haircut and was crying and carrying on like nothing. It was funny. But while we all thought it was hilarious we tried to calm the little guy. I made monster faces at him, which distracted him just a little bit and the barber was kept saying how brave the little guy was. Meanwhile, the father was doing his best to hold the kid in the chair. I made the comment that he would pay for this in therapy for the kid years later and we all laughed. The kid had snot dripping from his face and was reaching for his father, kind of gross, but funny. As soon as the cut was done the kid appeared in his dad’s lap and ceased crying immediately.

So I got up for my cut explained what I was looking for to the attentive and earnest son barber and got my cut. It was a good cut and he checked with me several times to make sure I was satisfied. The shave your neck with a straightrazor and warm lather. The best part is the massager at the end. They rev up this ancient hand massager and run it along the back of your neck. Very nice. It serves [I think] the dual purpose of feeling really good and vibrating off the hair that always ends up on the shirt.

All of that for $15 bucks! I left my tip, made my way out, got a card and a healthy round of “seeya later” and went back to my car and my taxes. I’ll definitely go back.

T.D. & Son Barber Shop
11918 Madison Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

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