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Chili TVP

I helped my friend Lauren move to Tremont on Saturday and then fixed a batch of chili for everyone to eat afterward. It turned out pretty good, and though I was a bit leery of using something as strange as TVP, it didn’t roil me gut like tofu tends to do. Actually it was pretty […]


Now that I’ve opened my eyes and started looking around, I’m really amazed at how much there is to be involved in around the Greater Cleveland area. It makes it hard to choose. I’ve gone to a couple blogger meetups and they have been quite eye-opening in regard to economic development in this area. While […]

Haiku/Poetry Contest Planning

The 4th Annual Organic Mechanic Haiku contest is approaching. I’m trying to decide whether or not I should keep it strictly haiku, change it to a dirty limerick contest, or make it a poetry contest proper. What would you like?

From A to Z: Some Family Ties

Any brother can dream. Ego fraternity grates his id. “Just kidding!”, laughed my niece, opening presents. Quietly reading, sister turned up very well. Xeroxed years zip.


On the way in to work this morning I realized that the phrase “your name is ‘mud’” applies to me in a a quite real sense. My name is mud. I love puns. But that’s not important right now. Entropy. It has been on my mind lately. So many things are on the old noggin […]

Doctor Roulette

People make a big deal about wanting to pick their doctor as a part of their health plan. I guess so they can get the person they want who will provide the care they want. Ostensibly. I’ve not been to a dentist in at least five years [since before I got my braces], and it […]


I went down to Akron last night with my friend Lauren to meet Peppermint. Contrary to popular belief, she is not a 45 year old woman with smoker-voice, frizzy bleached hair, hairy legs and a penchant for wearing muumuus. She does have a wicked cool apartment, a couple of cats and some tables she wants […]

February 2005 Blogger Meetup

The February 2005 Cleveland Blogger Meetup was last night. Most of the group was different than last time, although Will Kessel, Jeff Hess and I, not to mention George, were all there again.


I have crummy handwriting. It isn’t particularly illegible, it just lacks character. I’ve not written in cursive [apart from my signature] since 3rd grade, when we stopped getting graded on it. I’ve printed ever since, and to this day there is still something rather juvenile about the way my words appear on paper.

Perfect Emotion

A concept in one of the works of C. S. Lewis popped into my head the other day while I was running around Tremont. It boils down to the idea that there are no bad emotions, just poor applications. I’ll reproduce it for you past the jump. Then he remembers—as one remembers an island of […]


I think the world pendulum swings in twenty year cycles. Recessions occur every twenty years or so, We seem to go through a ten year conservative phase and then a ten year liberal phase cycle. Schools of thought seem to flex the pendulum a bit more and last a bit longer, but they also fit […]

Dream Poem

I’ve had a dream a few times that has a poem in it. I’m in a pre-remodeled classroom in O’Shaughnessy Hall, a really tiny room with an upright piano and the teacher is sitting at the piano and the class is grouped around her and my poem is on the music stand of the piano.

Block Club Meeting

I went to a block club meeting for Tremont residents last evening. It doesn’t matter which block club because apparently I can go to any block club I want to go to and everyone will welcome me. As expected, most of the members there were older, the youngest probably being in the late 30s to […]

Lent and Volunteering

It is that time of year again. Today is Mardi Gras and tomorrow Lent begins. Today is traditionally the last gasp of partying before dour penitence takes hold for a month or so. Of course, Mardi Gras was likely coopted from even older pagan celebrations of Carnival but there is still some debate. The Wikipedia, […]

Superbowl XXXIX

Last night I went to a Superbowl party at the Harry Buffalo across the street from my old tenement. It was held as a fundraiser by the Cleveland Iron Maiden’s Rugby team. A friend of mine is on the team so the least I could do was drop my last twenty bucks for some wings […]

Skeptics and Mystics

I spend too much time on MetaFilter, but I find it quite intellectually stimulating when I don’t find it quite silly. Sublime and ridiculous. Anyway, I’m somewhat of a minority there since I’m Catholic and it seems at least the most vocal people are quite secular. This is good for me.

Rodeo Roundup

I forgot to watch the State of the Union address last night. Grr. What did I miss? Stealing a bunch of links from this MetaFilter thread on Alone in the Dark: • The Filthy Critic • Defective Yeti • Rotten Tomatoes • Uwe Boll


At the end of another long and apparently fruitless day doing what he did in the fleshpots, the last thing Andro wanted was another maintenance call. But it came anyway, a flashing light glaring into his eyes and a noisome chirrup nesting in his ears. “BLING BLING BLING!” “Fuck.” He put down his burrito, shot […]

The Daniel Thompson Poet Stone Fund

BFD posted a notice for The Daniel Thompson Poet Stone Fund benefit that is happening on February 12, in Little Italy. Here are some of his poems and some other press. The event is free, billed as “an evening of poetry, polemics, and performance,” and the rest of the details are past the jump. I’ll […]

Words Needed

I haven’t tried to write anything somewhat imaginatively lately. If you are reading this you can help me out by leaving a few words for me to use in a story. I will then use them to write a story that I will post tomorrow. So if you would like to leave me a few […]