I think the world pen­du­lum swings in twen­ty year cycles. Reces­sions occur every twen­ty years or so, We seem to go through a ten year con­ser­v­a­tive phase and then a ten year lib­er­al phase cycle. Schools of thought seem to flex the pen­du­lum a bit more and last a bit longer, but they also fit the pen­du­lum swing. Newton’s Third Law even holds true for cul­ture. Until the heat death of the uni­verse. Any­way.

I hope and pray that post­mod­ernism is dying-dying-dead. Maybe I’m behind the times and there is already some­one out there with a name for post­post­mod­ernism, if it already exists and I hope it does. I’m tired of self-reflex­iv­i­ty and decon­struc­tion. I’ve spent enough time tak­ing things apart, spread­ing them out on the floor and then think­ing about why I might have done such a thing. I’m tired of it. I think it is time to put the pieces back togeth­er and make some­thing use­ful.

I’m not say­ing that pomo­ism is dis­use­ful. I just think it has done all it can do to help us folks reeva­lute and learn from our­selves. Now is time for action, not the sem­b­lence of it. I sort of think the next -ism will be Prag­ma­tism. At least I hope so. I want tan­gi­ble things to hap­pen, par­a­digm shifts to occur using what we’ve spent the last for­ev­er pok­ing and prod­ding. I don’t want Prag­ma­tists to think of them­selves in those terms, and if they are what I want them to be, they won’t have time or need for a Label or School. To be a bit tongue-in-cheek about it, they’ll be Aists. With­out an -ism. Too busy doing with no time to talk apart from speech which will help the doing move faster. Since I just came up with this, I must be the Father of Aism. You may call me Dadaist.

And yes, I know I am being self-reflex­ive, and I’m writ­ing and not acu­tal­ly doing.