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I went to a block club meeting for Tremont residents last evening. It doesn’t matter which block club because apparently I can go to any block club I want to go to and everyone will welcome me. As expected, most of the members there were older, the youngest probably being in the late 30s to early 40s, except for the representative of Tremont West Development Corporation, who was probably around 27 or 28.

The meeting was held at Lucky’s Cafe, home of a cute but bored barista. It seems like a nice and quiet place, I might need to go there more often. The art on the walls reminds me of some sort of cartoon but I can’t quite think of it. There were eleven people total at the meeting, including myself. That was more than I had expected. Topics of discussion included co-chair assignments, crime and safety, neighborhood business development and the summer block party.

Apparently Mayor Campbell is giving us back our police officers since this is an election year, and most of the people wanted our mini-station to return as well. I didn’t know that we used to have one, but Al and José [the old mini-station officers] were described as “the heart and soul of the neighborhood.” So we are all going to give our City Councilman, Joe Cimperman a call to ask for the return of those two officers and of the mini-station itself. So if you live or are going to live in Tremont, give him a ring and ask for it!

Since it was my first meeting, I didn’t raise any ‘Other Business’ since I like to feel things out first. One thing I would like to organize is a litter cleanup on a street by street basis. If this could be done, and if everyone in the neighborhood helps out on every street then I think it would do a lot to build relationships in the neighborhood and further the sense of pride in our community that Tremont has. While I am still discovering sites about Tremont, I also think a community blog or BBS would add a bit of punch and involvement on a more personal, interactive level than just the static and faceless pages I’ve found so far. Those are ideas that can gestate a bit longer though. I am still far too ignorant with the workings of the area. Hm. Although… if an utterly ignorant ignoramus starts doing things maybe that would inspire the intelligent intelligentsia to do more? Maybe more is already being done?

Also, the Tremont school is slated to be closed, it only has 400 students. We were trying to come up with ideas for keeping that building as a school or as a learning facility in the event the school closes. I also heard that the two other elementary schools not a mile or two away are overcrowded. A few people voiced the idea that we could move them to Tremont school. That doesn’t sound so bad. Another idea was that the school could be divided in half and that one half could continue as a primary school while the other could become a continuing adult education, trade, or technical school. This is pretty exciting. Everyone told me to come back, I don’t think they have very many renters attend the meetings.

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  1. Hey, Jeff. No problem about the comments, they get used for much more inappropriate things than your purpose. Thanks for the invite, I’d love to stop by; what time does it start?

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  2. Shalom Adam,

    Please excuse the use of comments, but I wanted to email you an invitation to my girlfriend’s gallery opening at Eye Candy on Professor this Friday, 11 February, and I couldn’t find an email link on your site. Hope you can make it.



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