Doctor Roulette

People make a big deal about wanting to pick their doctor as a part of their health plan. I guess so they can get the person they want who will provide the care they want. Ostensibly. I’ve not been to a dentist in at least five years [since before I got my braces], and it has been at least three since I went to an eye doctor. So in that time I’ve moved to Cleveland. And I don’t know jackshit about any docs around here.

A certain dentist in Westlake has been recommended to me:

if you are lucky he will flex his biceps for you.
so hot that he makes you nervous.
and he’s SOOO nice.
if he splatters water on your face he gets all apologetic and wipes it.
and i have really dry lips, so he always puts Vaseline on my lips b4 he starts cleaning.

i totally HEART this guy

But I think my coworker has the wrong idea about what I am looking for in a dentist. I ended up picking a lady dentist only a couple of years earlier than me. I figure once she sees my excellent teeth that she’ll fall deeply in love with them and we’ll get married.

I’ve picked some random eye doctor too. I guess the point is that the information that is provided me by Aetna gives absolutely no clue as to the type of care I might receive, so picking a dentist because she might be young and hot is about the best reasoning that can be sieved through the giant bucket of care providers that Aetna spits out. And if word of mouth is the best way to get a doctor it appears that hotness is again the best judge of care. Who knew health care was such a meat market?