Dream Poem

I’ve had a dream a few times that has a poem in it. I’m in a pre-​remodeled classroom in O’Shaughnessy Hall, a really tiny room with an upright piano and the teacher is sitting at the piano and the class is grouped around her and my poem is on the music stand of the piano.

I’m sitting near and on the top of the desk/​chair with my feet in the seat. I have a copy of the poem in front of me. The teacher starts playing my poem on the piano while the class reads it. The poem is thick and abrupt at the beginning of the lines and sort of smooths out as each one ends. I can’t quite remember what it was about but it was supposed to be like a sheer and heavy piece of rock. The only word I can remember is ‘igonic’ or maybe ‘igneonic’. It shifted like dream words do. After a bunch of workshopping suggestions, the teach said ‘It reminds me of water.’ I was flabbergasted and the dream ends.