February 2005 Blogger Meetup

The February 2005 Cleveland Blogger Meetup was last night. Most of the group was different than last time, although Will Kessel, Jeff Hess and I, not to mention George, were all there again.

New folks this time, at least to me, included: Jerry Ritcey, Bill Callahan, John Palmer, Chas Rich, Steve Fitzgerald, and Colette.

There was lots of the typical chat, but I think I made a good contact in Steve Fitzgerald, who seems to already have done a lot of the things for Lakewood that I would like to do for Tremont. So while I continue to develop my Tremont site and blog [which no one has seen but me!] I’ll be able to use him to bounce questions. It sounds like the project might be even more work than I had anticipated, the hardest part will most likely be doing all the hoofwork and getting people interested enough in the site to want to contribute.

These meetings give me other things to think about. Good stuff.

One thought on “February 2005 Blogger Meetup

  1. I admire your ambition with the local stuff. It’s clear to me that this kind of involvement is important, and a more effective way of altering your environment than just complaining about it… but I rarely find the energy to step up.

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