February 2005 Blogger Meetup

The February 2005 Cleveland Blogger Meetup was last night. Most of the group was dif­fer­ent than last time, al­though Will Kessel, Jeff Hess and I, not to men­tion George, were all there again.

New folks this time, at least to me, in­clud­ed: Jerry Ritcey, Bill Callahan, John Palmer, Chas Rich, Steve Fitzgerald, and Colette.

There was lots of the typ­i­cal chat, but I think I made a good con­tact in Steve Fitzgerald, who seems to al­ready have done a lot of the things for Lakewood that I would like to do for Tremont. So while I con­tin­ue to de­vel­op my Tremont site and blog [which no one has seen but me!] I’ll be able to use him to bounce ques­tions. It sounds like the project might be even more work than I had an­tic­i­pat­ed, the hard­est part will most like­ly be do­ing all the hoof­work and get­ting peo­ple in­ter­est­ed enough in the site to want to con­tribute.

These meet­ings give me oth­er things to think about. Good stuff.

One thought on “February 2005 Blogger Meetup

  1. I ad­mire your am­bi­tion with the lo­cal stuff. It’s clear to me that this kind of in­volve­ment is im­por­tant, and a more ef­fec­tive way of al­ter­ing your en­vi­ron­ment than just com­plain­ing about it… but I rarely find the en­er­gy to step up.

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