Haiku/​Poetry Contest Planning

The 4th Annual Organic Mechanic Haiku contest is approaching. I’m trying to decide whether or not I should keep it strictly haiku, change it to a dirty limerick contest, or make it a poetry contest proper. What would you like?

I considered making the prizes monetary this year, but I think I’ll stick with a book or something groovy like this; and of course, the ubiquitous compilation CDs.

The contest will run the month of April, since that is National Poetry Month, and I’m thinking about dedicating the blog to poetry for that entire month. Since I’ve not written a poem, and only come up with a few appropriate sounding phrases since then, perhaps reengaging in the world of poetry will relieve my complacency.

In any case, I don’t think the haiku medium is working as well anymore, the first year [now unfortunately lost somewhere in innumerable redesigns and migrations] was amazing. Dirty limericks might throw a bit of juice and ribaldry back into the mix, but maybe it is time to grow up and only accept stuff that isn’t done only for the sake of being clever. Any input is welcome.