Now that I’ve opened my eyes and started looking around, I’m really amazed at how much there is to be involved in around the Greater Cleveland area. It makes it hard to choose. I’ve gone to a couple blogger meetups and they have been quite eye-opening in regard to economic development in this area. While I’m still too wet behind the ears in regard to civic action and politics, their fervor is infective.

And these events might seem to be not much more than mere networking, but for me on the periphery, it seems more promising than that. Next month’s meetup is with some folks from the podcasting group and a lady from who wants to talk with bloggers [undoubtably not bloggers like me though] about the site.

But wait, there is more than just economic involvement! I’ve put in a volunteer application with Rocky River Stables’ Therapeutic Riding Program and after I get trained I think that will be an opportunity that will be both good for my spirit as well as helpful to others.

Yet I’m constantly amazed at the level of involvement in Tremont. There are so many things going on there that I don’t know which ones to pick. So I think my idea to create a Tremont specific site to herd all of that info together is probably my best bet. I’ve been tinkering with a workaround for the free version of MovableType’s 3 weblog limit and if I can work that out, nailing down a design should be cakewalk and the only drudge work will be digging around for Tremont links and making lists of businesses and contacts.

That is the rub, I suppose. I’m not good at maintaining the necessary drive to get things done. I need chivvying and constant reminders, encouragement and brainstorming to get me started and a deadline to make me finish. Right now I have a deadline. The domain registration for the domain where I want my Tremontcentric site to live expires on May 7th. So by May 9th I want the site to be live, even if it is just a somewhat well-designed linkdump at that point.

This is hard work for me, not doing the work, not wanting to do the work, but driving myself to do it. As of now all of this is still just so much talk. I think it is an improvement over how I used to be, and how I saw the same sort of desire for economic development in my old hometown as being fruitless and foolish idealism. I still don’t think Connersville has much hope [although the website sure has improved], but Cleveland can be badass if the right people get in the right spot and use the right leverage.

As Archimedes put it:

?o? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? ??? ???

or, mildly paraphrased

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.

One thought on “Involvement

  1. i,too, am optimistic about NE Ohio, and I’m always heartened at reading stuff like this or hearing about people getting involved or wanting to improve it.
    i completely understand the motivation/deadline thing. I think voicing your intention here as well as having other active people around you helps keep you on track.
    i’ll personally pester you to keep on chuggin’!

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